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  1. Cornell cover of Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You Cornell cover of Michael Jackson - Billie Jean Always thought his cover of Billie Jean was brilliant, but somehow hadn't heard the first one till today.
  2. I've been watching this and am now on season 3 - it's excellent. And it's nice to have a show with each episode having a stand alone plot/characters, and basically amounting to a short movie.
  3. In that last scene when Jimmy and Kim were eating pie, Kim had on a University of American Samoa sweatshirt
  4. I would think so. And I don't see why any other team would want him as their starting QB for next season.
  5. Pretty good season, but not great. Steve Murphy was the weakest part of the show, particularly for being one of the main characters. The actor for the part wasn't great, but it might have been because there was little room for character development and the dialogue he was given was at times cringeworthy - I just didn't care for Murphy much at all during his scenes. And I don't have a problem with narration in general, but the lines he was given was cliched and also at times seemed to state the obvious, as if the viewer couldn't follow.
  6. Junior BurroughTodd LichtiScotty ThurmanExree Hipp (as much for his name as his play)Lou RoeTroy BellLonny BaxterScoonie PennLamond MurrayDoron shefferKhalid Reeves
  7. Just saw that Better Call Saul is on Netflix. Gonna have to send it to the top of my list.
  8. I think I get what you're saying, but I'm not so sure Avery represents poor. I don't know how much he paid for his defense, but I'm thinking it was a lot of money that the state awarded him for his earlier wrongful conviction. And that money got Avery very good representation at his trial, despite him losing. On the other hand, Brendan initially had that crook Kachinsky and then that second pair of appointed lawyers who, while not corrupt, were not in the same league as Strang and Buting. He didn't have a decent team until the wrongful convictions group from Northwestern got involved in his
  9. Really? Yeah, really. How did he even know who Mike Milligan was?Was wondering this too. I'm sure I forgot something though. My first thought was the Indian (who was following Ed at the end of the previous episode), was forcing Ed to do it, in an attempt to lure Milligan. Though after Ed made the phone call, they never showed him with the Indian. Or maybe the cops, now working with the Gerhardts, caught up with Ed and are in on it.
  10. Just finished it. The camera work and music were amazing. There was a run of consecutive episodes in mid to late season that were phenomenal. The only issues I could come up with for the finale were that it wasn't quite as good as the ones it immediately followed (not a fair expectation) and that it didn't provide a bold plot conclusion that is typically expected from season finales. Still easily one of the best first seasons I've seen.
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