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  1. Actually, your theory isn't that far off. You just have to throw yourself at the ground and miss. Getting distracted on the way down is the tricky bit.
  2. The Lorax made me feel personally responsible for killing the planet. Does that count?
  3. No disagreement, but I will say that we're not helping ourselves over there. As long as we maintain strong ties with Israel and remove our loyalties to and turn on leaders (see: the Iran-Iraq War) in that region, we will always take two steps back for every step forward. As for the efficiency of our military, I am absolutely happy that we're getting more precise. I don't know if there's even a 'better' course of action, but I know that so far, the bombing option hurts us in the long term more than it hurts them. I guess at least it's something both political parties agree on.
  4. Point to one thread, one quote where something he did while President was universally agreed on as good. And I guess pardon my hyperbole as well. As for the airstrike itself, I agreed upthread that it was well-executed and efficient; my objection is more in the abstract, as I think while this is a variation of a very American policy of speak softly and carry a big stick, it's also a double-edged sword, as it usually also serves as fuel for our enemies over there to dig in deeper and raise up a new generation of hatred and malice towards the U.S. Sadly, I don't have any alternative ideas
  5. It's hard to criticize him for this, since what he ordered was business as usual for our government. Trump did it, Obama before him, Bush II before him, Clinton before him, etc. Biden hasn't done anything that I would criticize; in fact, it's been kind of comforting to see that he's exactly the centrist that he's always been. I can't exactly criticize for going after low hanging political fruit, and I'm actually taking some sick pleasure in how he's not pleasing the more fringe elements of his own party. The way I see it, he'll continue to go after the less problematic changes and hand it o
  6. Part of me wants to believe there is a middle ground we can reach over there, although my gut feeling is that our support of Israel will always be the 'leverage' any opponent over there will use to ensure any kind of 'compromise' greatly favors their side and can be broken because we're infidels.
  7. This particular incident, per the article I linked, seemed very 'surgical' in execution and result. That's great, collateral damage was as minimal as possible, I applaud the efficiency; the problem I see with it is that for the affected locals, they don't seem to either care or worry about that part of it, as someone will use this, like always, will get a ton of fuel to keep the anti-America fires burning. Maybe this is the only way to deal with that region, I just wish we didn't make it so easy for our enemies there to use our own actions as PR against us.
  8. I was talking about on our end. Here, it's easier for us to keep doing what we've been doing. 9/11 was the closest thing we had to a reality check, but we really didn't have much of a peaceful option in that case. I mean that here we need the 'right' person to have an epiphany or some kind of 'movement' to congeal and nudge us toward changing policy, so that throwing more bombs and boots on the ground isn't the go-to option.
  9. This is one of those issues that makes me feel like our collective conscious suffers from long-term memory loss. Again, that's another thing that's been true for a long time. Makes me think the right person/people haven't been affected enough yet to do anything about it, since changing politicians hasn't altered our course either.
  10. President Biden ordered his first airstrike yesterday. I'm not interested in comparing numbers from any previous administration and will concede that this is more or less a variation of Theodore Roosevelt's 'Speak softly and carry a big stick'; my 'concern' is that even though the stories are reported, they seem to pretty quickly fade into the background yet are the events that form the image the folks in those parts of the world have of us. As much as I'd like to tear apart the story as reported, I think that would only derail any constructive discussion about the subject of the level of
  11. Seems appropriate considering we're talking about an issue regarding Native Americans.
  12. Here's a win-win situation: Jeep announces that a % brought in from every Cherokee bought will go to the Cherokee nation. Jeep looks good for reaching out to the Cherokee Nation (plus maybe even guilt a few more people to buying one) and the Cherokees get free money. Also, maybe they could offer a discount to every Cherokee who buys one.
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