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  1. Planning our annual buddies trip to Vegas, after those of us wanting vaccines receiving them and after missing last year. My one buddy wants to go Vet's Day weekend. The Sunday night game that week, Raiders host the Chiefs. Should be a total ess show on the Strip that whole weekend.
  2. Correct, bad math by me. AFC has 9 home games, NFC 8 home. So yeah, after week 1 the nfc teams that hosted week 1 will have **7** home games and 9 road. Not as big a deal as I first thought. The Falcons only have 6 home games after week 1 because they host a game in London. So really only team that is in a really bad position.
  3. The NFC teams hosting week 1 games will only have 6 home games from weeks 2-18. Seems bad.
  4. Boy those lcd screens sure came alive when Broooonnnnn came in and laid waste tonight. Ech.
  5. So that's how he married Brooke Shields. Woulda thought it'd be HER....
  6. Baffert was on Dan Patrick show just now, as I drove my son to school. He's claiming sabotage, motivated by peoples' jealousy of his success. Swore up and down they didn't give the horse that drug. The only thing that makes that somewhat believable is it would be stupid to drug the horse if they KNEW he would be tested and that drug would show up in the test.
  7. Hyperbole. I am hoping for a really good year, but I'm concerned Goff won't be nearly as good as many in here seem to think he will be, without McVay reading defenses for him presnap.
  8. This does not bode well for Goff and Detroit. He can't read defenses = Lions are screwed. As a Hockenson owner I am hopeful he catches 120 balls this year, but I'm concerned.
  9. I've only ever seen the commercial on mute, so totally shuked.
  10. Is Dominos actually having driverless cars deliver pizzas?
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