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  1. Kyrie sitting tonight and Joe Harris has tended to be excellent in games with no Kyrie. Over 16.5 points.
  2. There used to be a kid around here. Good kid for the most part, but every once in a while he'd lose his mind and get himself banned. Had to keep coming back with different aliai. When he got hot he'd have a certain catchphrase he would scream-type. "That's who I am!" or "Look at what I can do!" or something similar. I can't quite remember. Anyway, was just thinking you should come up with a catchphrase like that to celebrate these sweet victories. Just a suggestion. Thanks for the winner!
  3. Have heard from a few different crash experts there is almost zero chance the vehicle rolled as was reported. The sunroof wasn't even cracked. Doesn't really change anything other than me wondering why the police would have stated that.
  4. yeah I was going to comment it has the FCS games this Spring. Wouldn't be my primary screen but might have it on my laptop while watching college hoops during the weekend. Ultimately not worth the minor expense to me though.
  5. Complete trash. Michigan shooting 20% and Iowa's slow white guys for some reason can't get near the basket or make their fall away 24 footers.
  6. I will be hugely skeptical until someone cashes out successfully and we hear about it. But the FOMO is very real, which is in my opinion is driving this value skyrocket in the same way it has with BTC recently.
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