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  1. Per Officer Poncharello, yes, that and the air bag saved his life.
  2. Last night in my dreams THE DEOMON+ did his ring entrance and told me the good boys are full of poop....don't believe ANYTHING they say in their new pdoccast, NOR anything that DJAX guy says onthe internets. It's basically a consspirracyp between Russo and JJ Dillon. If the Devvitt club could get what they want they'd rule WWF these days but alas. SAD!
  3. Of course speculation out there re: substances (and I'll admit the thought crossed my mind as well). He didn't seem high on Sunday to me, just super hung over. And super lucid and happy in the pics and videos from yesterday. So I sincerely hope it's maybe a case of falling asleep at the wheel or something other unrelated to substance use.
  4. Mattek is the only of those I ever followed and unfollowed him quite a while back. In the ff twitter world, I'm more annoyed by the arrogance that most of them display that they would be better NFL gm's/head coaches because they subscribe to Warren Sharp's website.
  5. I have some in mind, but which in particular are driving you crazy?
  6. Sorry bud, just got home. Appreciate the love though. ETA: My knee jerk in looking at the games this morning was to follow the over trend on NO. I passed...Boston a pretty decent under team and that number felt too high. So I'm with you.
  7. "Jebus" will always be funny. Maybe not cool but definitely funny.
  8. People who bring their dogs into stores/restaurants/offices/etc. But FAR more than that, said people who do not keep their dogs to themselves. I don't want your dog sniffing my crotch, licking my shins, or jumping up and putting his paws on my pants. You love your dog, good for you. Not everyone loves your dog.
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