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  1. Braves F5: fading Martinez Twins F5: Fading Folty Angels -.5 F5: Fading Urena
  2. John Legend singing while people weep in various situations because.....VRBO.
  3. Gamblers that are not emotional are pro. We are working to get there. Appreciate you homie.
  4. What Em means is "fake bet" for anyone who followed along but didn't lose $225 on the bet, like he did. So, you know, it's cool. As long as you didn't lose $225.
  5. I was on Brewers F5. So I can go ahead and...well, never mind.
  6. That's the story the broadcasters are telling. Sun bakes the Poa and putts bounce around like they are on an Electric Football field.
  7. Stupid fans yelling things, imo.
  8. Kevin Na with the highest flop shot in history.
  9. I didn't post it, but the Blake Snell road fade (especially F5) is very, very real.
  10. Tailing. You betting the Clips + then? I lean Hawks, simply because I think Embiid might legit be hurt. Thoughts on that?
  11. Just gonna ride it as long as the ml prices aren't ridiculous. And the Rockies on the road now that you turned me on to that one too.
  12. Big investigation into shenanigans at Arizona State over the past year. I thought Herm was supposed to be squeaky clean?
  13. So wait... sorry 2-0-1. Em said that bet didn't count. But it's in my account, so THAT'S weird.
  14. Took him top 20 +110 and X top 10 +180. I don't think either wins but they are consistently in the hunt.
  15. White Sox F5: Riding Keuchel and the White Sox vs lefties trend Indians F5: Fading Harvey Brewers F5: Fading Castillo
  16. I think you have to care about the sport to be jealous. Two times I have been jealous of NBA teams: Bulls when they drafted Jordan and Sonics when they drafted Durant.
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