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  1. VERY VERY windy in Santa Clara for Sunday Night Football Colts/Niners under 44
  2. I like Jordan Poole over 17.5 points (GSW). Pretty much the 2nd scorer with Klay still out.
  3. Off used - Vikings, Seahawks, Ravens, 49ers, Falcons, Steelers Def used - 49ers, Washington, Broncos, Bills, Steelers, Colts Week 7 Offense - Titans Defense - Cardinals
  4. My fat ### might be overly aware, but you seem to have a bias here. I don't think the dude's girth impacts the consistency of his strike zone, Jason Mamoa.
  5. No. Russ Wilson, ARodg, maybe Brady if his backup is terrible are worth a TD. Saints are -5.5 at Seattle. If Russ was healthy it'd be Seahawks -2.5 or -3 imo.
  6. Bottom of the 5th down 5-2 Dodgers were +375 live for game 3. I decided not to hit the submit button. I barely slept last night.
  7. Ya think? Only Philadelphia fans are worse. And it's touch and go. So gross.
  8. Yeah, that seemed overly cautious. SS running at top speed away from the plate to get to the ball, runner in a sprint around 3rd...send him.
  9. Just a thought: maybe don't overthink everything and pull a multi-CY winner after 79 pitches in the 5th. So stupid.
  10. I played Braves F5. Fried has been excellent every since the All Star break. Dodgers pitching is a little bit off schedule after Games 4 and 5 in DS. I think LAD win the series, but I think Atlanta can hang Game 1.
  11. West Coast is the best coast for sports, by far.
  12. Without Verdell and with Brown at QB there's no chance Oregon wins out.
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