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  1. Cole Beasley seems willing to go down with the ship to defend his stance. I'd be very surprised at this point if he is on the Bills - or any team - week 1. Feeling dumb to have several shares of him in best ball. Cole Beasley @Bease11 I get it. But I’m not sacrificing something I believe in for wins and money. I want to win as much as anybody. But I’m not gonna change who I am to accomplish that. There are a ton of players who are with me but can’t speak out because of their situation within the organization.
  2. Gaskin/Sander-ish area sounds right at the moment. A lot depends on who they add. In an Underdog best ball draft I am currently in (1 qb, 1/2 ppr) Henderson went in the 6th, after Etienne and Gaskin and before Sermon. He is the RB 2 for his team.
  3. I'm guessing for every person who swears off Espys and Sportscenter because Bruce Jenner was given the humanitarian (or whatever) award for becoming a female named Caitlynn, there is a person who will watch more for the same reason. The world is becoming more partisan, unfortunately. This thread, for instance. The one thing we can ALL agree on is that Skip Bayless should shut up, forever, please God.
  4. Slip up and watch ONE video of two brain dead hotties dancing to that infernal Fancy song, and the social media algorithm thinks ALL YOU WANT TO SEE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE is other people dancing to the gottdam song.
  5. Agree with everything you said. AEW has some decent talent. But its surrounded by hours and hours and hours of gymnastic choreographed spot fests full of blown fake as #### looking spots. Young Bucks will forever be to me the worst thing that's EVER happened to pro wrestling. They aren't alone these days with cos play wrestler phony garbage but they've been at it the longest. Edited 1 hour ago by Craig_MiamiFL If Punk comes back, I'll see it in this thread or on twitter and I'll mark out for a few minutes, like I did for Cena the other night. And then I'll go back to waiting for the next highlight.
  6. So why does the wrestling suck so bad? WWE stories are terrible. AEW is unwatchable. There is maybe 20 minutes per month that is worth watching highlights on twitter. Gross. I'd lean AEW except what I have seen is spots-n-botches. The industry SUCKS these days. Took Cena coming back (REALLY the crowd and Reigns' response) to get me psyched. 44 year old dude...Industry sucks.
  7. My parents are really into feeding birds. They are in their 80s.
  8. Sorry bro. I drafted him in not one but TWO guillotine leagues recently. I was able to secure Henderson in one, "just in case", but seems likely I'll be cut early in both.
  9. Sooooooooo stupid To be fair, vaccinated people are still catching covid, so if you keep insisting on testing vaccinated people you're going to get some positives even if they have no symptoms. With Japan's struggles I get not going even if you are asymptomatic, but there's no way of knowing if they were vaxxed or not.
  10. Just saw the clip on twitter. Reigns look of "WTF?" when the music hit is what did it for me.
  11. Still has Lowry's backwash residue in it from all the chuggin.
  12. Were you able to make your way around them as they writhed on the floor in fake pain?
  13. These guys make the Italians in the semis of Euro look like Clint Eastwood.
  14. The three true outcomes is such a radical concept that I'm not sure exactly how much it's being embraced. It seems like it is, but a walk, K, or home run probably happens how much of the time? Even today? Perhaps the whole K element has increased drastically. I don't know. Part of why I don't watch anymore, though I don't really mind strike outs. At all. But they're not very democratic. Not often enough, imo. Walks are boring, but K's and homers are fun. What isn't fun is the constant DEEELLLAAAYYYY you mentioned earlier, nor is a ground ball pulled to one of 5 guys who are sitting on 20% of the field of play waiting for that ground ball and the batter being thrown out at first by the 2nd baseman who is 200 feet from the plate in right-center. The math works as far as winning games. It does NOT work as far as making the game enjoyable to watch.
  15. Scroll down, to the bottom or the page, and hit "Theme". And then Football Guys (Dark). Also, I blame mrs. furley. She's the WORST.
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