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  1. 2 hours ago, Brunell4MVP said:

    I have forever been a proponent of playing hard in the preseason to have players game ready.  Put them in 1-2 quarters per game and they have to put up at least 10 points.  We've had several coaches in a row that don't give a crap about preseason, and the team comes out totally flat.  And the OL and DL are completely unprepared for being physical.  If the team is  prepared and game ready you basically get off to a 2-0 start since you are in rhythm.  I fail to understand how Ron, Gruden, etc play guys for like 10 mins the entire preseason and expects anything other than failure (Aaron Rodgers another case in point yesterday with his QBR of 13).  Starting a season strong may not be as important as finishing strong, but the wins are there for the taking.  And to me it make guys more injury prone because they aren't absorbing hits and working out all the scheme details .. the type of details that resulted in Fitz getting clobbered then entire time he was in there.  You only get 17 games.  We aren't talking 82 or 162 game seasons like other leagues.  17 games.  You have to come out of the gate completely in synch.  The WFT hasn't in many man years.  I mean Spurrier went full bore in preseason, but he had some horrible talent evaluation.  We have talent.  It was just completely ill-prepared for a full speed game. 


    I tend to agree with you but LAC played nobody in the preseason.  At all.  So that wasn't the difference.

  2. 1 hour ago, Angry Beavers said:

    Ty'Son Williams 1st TD + 1200

    Started a Teaser with LAV + 10  - the MNF home dog - partiuclarly when fans are back and in Vegas of all places;  I am not that confident in LAV however- they struggle against the run and Jacobs is apparently sick with some kind of non-covid related illness. I think Balt may run all over the yard starting with their dynamic UDFA.  LAV does enough to keep it a game for a while .......  if anyone cares I teased this with SEA ML, MIN +10.5 and Chargers/Boys O48.5 ( That has shootout written all over it IMHO) 

    Where is @AndrewClark  with his week 2 fades and plays - those are Straight Cash Homey


    I'll guess they will be Bears,  Colts, Raiders, Vikings, Falcons, Titans, and Packers to one degree or another.  He'll probably whittle those down to 3 or 4.

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