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  1. Not sure, but the big ones literally stake their rep on these contests. Can't imagine they'd screw you. From what I've seen/heard, it's far more common for the contestants to not contact the proxy with their picks, and the proxy is calling/texting/emailing the contestant for his picks all day Saturday. Proxy even sometimes picks FOR the contestant at the last minute if no response, just so the contestant isn't totally screwed. Proxy would NEVER miss getting the picks in, or they'd be out of business immediately.
  2. A couple of years ago I went with my buddies to Vegas. Will Hill book had a pickem for NFL Sunday, just pick the winners. You also had to pick the Raiders/Texans game total points over or under 51.5 points, which I took over. So I threw my $5 in the kiosk and entered my pickem card. I hit literally every winner of every game, and after the last game I remembered that pickem card ticket in my wallet. The Raiders/Texans scored 51 points. I would have won just over $39,000. That was a tough pill to swallow.
  3. The winner last year was close to 70% I believe. It's basically impossible. They also have a survivor contest which this year has 19 "weeks", counting Thanksgiving Day as one "week" and I believe the last Saturday of the year as another separate "week." Last year 59 people went wire to wire...doubt they get more than a handful that are able to this year.
  4. I don’t know Cosmo that well, but I’m pretty sure they’re not an MGM property. Cosm still has a good rep.....MGM overall kinda stinks. If that is required, yes Aria. If you want to be in a baller book, Venetian or Circa (taxi/uber ride downtown required).
  5. Saturday night, McGregor UFC fight at T-Mobile at the same time as Garth Brooks sold out show at Allegiant. South end of the Strip is going to be a poop show.
  6. "This.....IS.....AnnOYINGGGGGGGG...Jeapordy!" She sucks.
  7. This is more Shark-Poolish, but my wife commented he looks more relaxed, a bit thinner, than when he was hosting Jeopardy. It's probs the weed. Makes me think HE GONE.
  8. I mean...it doesn't REALLY matter, but this might be the worst golf camera work I ever seen. My son would do better with his $150 phone.
  9. Hopefully this is the round that convinces Tom he's all the way done and he retires from all sports before September.
  10. I don't even play any more, and all I want to do is drive a cart green to green and putt 18 holes and look at those mountains.
  11. That bear is like a movie, trained, circus type bear right? RIGHT!?
  12. I mean, I was making a joke. But point taken.
  13. i’ve met quite a few people from that area and that is how most are. small farm type towns in that area, it’s not what people think of when they hear california. So basically Tanner.
  14. Bryson drove it 480? RODGERS DROVE IT 438!?!?!
  15. Ok ARod walking running that putt in was funny.
  16. Wait...this is the look now? Sheesh, friggin millennials.
  17. How'd Tom's fashion model wife let him out of the house in tight high waters? What a nerd.
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