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  1. 45 minutes ago, Insein said:

    Here's my take. Note that any records I put are merely guesses and don't add up exactly wins and losses wise to the whole league.

    AFC East

    Buf 13-4

    NE 10-7

    Mia 8-9

    Jets 5-12


    AFC North

    Clev 11-6

    Pitt 10-7

    Balt 8-9

    Cinc 6-11


    AFC South

    Ten 11-6

    Ind 10-7

    Jax 6-11

    Hou 1-16


    AFC West

    KC 14-3

    Den 10-7

    LAC 9-8

    LVR 7-10


    Wildcard: 2) Buf over 7) Den  3) Clev over 6) Ind 5) NE over 4) Tenn

    Divisional: 1) KC over 4) NE  3) Clev over 2) Buf

    Conference: 3) Clev over 1) KC


    NFC East

    Dal 10-7

    Wash 8-9

    Eagles 8-9

    NYG 4-13


    NFC North

    GB 14-3

    Min 10-7

    Chi 7-10

    Det 4-13


    NFC South

    TB 13-4

    NO 9-8

    Atl 7-10

    Car 6-11


    NFC West

    LAR 12-5

    Sea 11-6

    SF 10-7

    Ari 7-10


    Wildcard: 2) TB over 7) SF  3) LAR over 6) Min  5) Sea over 4) Dal 

    Divisional: 1) GB over 7) Sea 3) LAR over 2) TB

    Conference: 1) GB over 3) LAR


    Super Bowl LVI: 1) GB over 3) Clev


    You have 556 wins there.  17 x 32 would be 544.  I actually don't mean that as a criticism, I just think it's interesting that for most of us the natural inclination is to over-estimate wins.  :)

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  2. 1 hour ago, Cowboysfan8 said:


    i changed mine after a few days of thinking your posts were mine. Since I signed up here I’ve had the Dodgers logo that you have now until I changed it

    eta: over 5 years ago


    You may already be aware of this: I have a very large pending multi-sport parlay in which each leg has hit.  The last leg is the Padres winning the World Series.  At the time of changing it, the most obvious threat to that winning was LAD.  My Dodgers logo was the only one that I could make fit the stupid bandwidth rules here, and my way of jinxing them.  Which is obviously failing horribly.  So the day that the Padres are officially eliminated I will change my avatar to @Flash's.


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  3. 7 minutes ago, Cowboysfan8 said:

    I’ve gently suggested this myself a few times. No dice

    Every time I see it I think it’s me wtf

    You do realize that on this blinding white screen your background is blue/lettering is white, and mine is the opposite?

    I never once have seen your avatar and thought you were me.  :shrug: 

    There are 48 Raiders logos on this board.  They somehow manage to deal with it.   You will only have to worry about it for another 5 weeks or so.

  4. 3 hours ago, DJackson10 said:


    What did you say? I'm still trying to get Jericho to unblock me. 


    Good lord the WWE fanboys these days are cringe. I saw one on the Wrestlinginc FB comment section saying Lashley/Lesnar was the best match and better then anything AEW. The WWE fanboys are getting desperate because they don't want to admit WWE isn't the place to be. You should see their comments on Mic's FB video. You'd think Foley committed a horrendous crime the way some of them are acting. It's a (how do I say this the right way) scary? Uncomfortably? Concerning? 



  5. Moved to DISH just over two years ago when Dtv finally became untenable.  My 2 year contract ended 9/4.  Called in yesterday, and after a 25 minute hold, in a 10 minute conversation I was able to negotiate my bill back down to within $4 of the introductory offer I'd have the last two years, despite a $10 increase on the regular price in that time.  So I'm actually getting a better deal, guaranteed no increase for another 2 years.  I don't need the whole Sunday Ticket, Redzone is enough for me, plus I get Pac12 network.  I miss Directv not at all.

  6. 28 minutes ago, Joe Bryant said:


    Thanks @Corporation.

    Absolutely wasn't calling anyone out. That was clear. 

    A poster asked how we had a garbage thread and I replied as clearly as I know how: 

    "We're in the busiest time of our year for trying to run our business. I normally see about .0001% of the posts. In August and September, I see about 00000001% of the non Shark Pool posts. If there is something over the line, please report the specific post and the moderators will try to look. Thank you. The other (probably better) idea is just shut everything but the NFL talk down for September." 

    There seems to be a feeling that the moderators see most of the board. That simply isn't true. They see a tiny fraction. I see even less. That's why I have the constant plea asking people to report things they that are offensive and over the line. 

    The sad part is for whatever reason, the good that comes from the boards (and there's a lot) gets so outweighed by the negatives like this.

    I ask people to report things they see over the line and that turns into the "last straw" and people are never coming back. I have other posters emailing they "hope my throat gets ####### slit" because they don't like the moderation. At some point, it becomes untenable and I'm afraid we may be there as the overwhelming sentiment is the boards just aren't the same and we do a terrible job. 

    It's super discouraging but I'm afraid that's reality. 



    I fully expect to click my bookmark one morning and go to...nowhere.  And after I type in footballguys.com the only forum available will be the Shark Pool.  Your task in unenviable, and I don't envy you one bit.  Unfortunately this board has become a reflection of social media, where the most vocal 5% (3%? 1%) make it miserable.  As long as it's operating I'll keep returning, but it is not hard to see the end in the not very distant future.

  7. 36 minutes ago, GroveDiesel said:

    I still haven’t watched this but need to get around to it. I feel the same way as you. My wife constantly watches all these true crime murder shows and I just don’t get it. I can’t find entertainment anymore in watching the suffering of others. I wonder if the world would be different if there were a whole lot more Ted Lasso type shows and a whole lot less The Wire/Breaking Bad/Dateline type shows. Gotta believe that constantly indulging in that stuff has real work effects on mental health and outlooks.


    Just sayin, not at you in particular, but just sayin: Maybe if some of us could hang out on a dummasss fantasy football message board without having people scream about 19cov and vaxxxxx and whatnot, it might be a better life.  Just sayin.

  8. 1 hour ago, identikit said:
    3 hours ago, CletiusMaximus said:


    Tons of people love the show - its extremely popular so definitely worth checking out.  I enjoyed Season 1, tapped out early on season 2.  I got bored with Breaking Bad during season 2, stopped, and never went back, so probably not a good idea to follow my lead on television recommendations.





    Still time to go back...


    Just never ever too late Clet.

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  9. 5 minutes ago, DJackson10 said:


    Not a secrete and I've been right on stuff in the past from friends. Punk confirmed in an interview with Moxley's wife that he took the Fox deal to be an analyst for Smackdown because he dealt with Fox and WWE. Thats something I reported when Punk was first in negotiations with FOX on that role. 

    Awhile back I was the first to report on martial issues involving Jimmy and Naomi and them turning that into the Jimmy/Mandy Storyline. 


    Hey, you do you bud.  I'm not saying you're wrong.  You may have been right every time.  I for SURE can't challenge you on these two things because I have literally zero clue what you're talking about in either case.

  10. 1 hour ago, Courtjester said:

    I have watched the majority of it through various avenues. I will give AEW my money next time around because this PPV delivered beyond all expectations. Such a great show from top to bottom. Now their creative has been given a treasure trove of pieces---write the stories because that is what hampered WWE for many, many years now. 


    Asking sincerely, because I am not aware: WHO is AEW's creative?  Feels like that has been WWE downfall in the last several years.  Some great characters, but the only wins (it seems, with very intermittent viewing) have been Bron, Fiend, and VERY MUCH heel Roman.  I'm guessing heel Roman has been Paul E, but they lost/ejected the other two.  From comments in here I've gathered HHH/HBK booked very well, but the big leagues have been terrible.

    So...who is booking AEW?  Cody?  Dustin?  Jericho?  A combo?  People I've never heard of?

  11. 34 minutes ago, Johnny Utah #9 said:

    It would make a lot of sense for both sides. Not that it would be good news for Gus drafters though. You have to start to wonder how all this injury attrition affects Lamar’s stock this year. 

    I liked him over Kyler going into a contract year, but given the injuries I’m bumping him down below Kyler and possibly into the Dak/Russ tier at this point. Anyone else here downgrading his stock with the recent news?


    Longest-term dynasty investor, and drafted him in my "big" redraft.  Too late at this point.

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