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  1. Check your pm's for the "change of beneficiary" form of your life insurance policy. Just sign at the highlighted X and return to me.
  2. I am just imagining ***HER*** with that cockney accent. Pretty sure this is my hoped-for outcome. So to speak.
  3. "Oy Maite! Me pa' just doid n Oy'ed luvv ta geht eh luke atcha weeenah!!"
  4. We have a/c's and fans blowing all through our house this VERY HOT week. My wife will look at me intently as I say something to her, sometimes an entire story. Then she will tilt her head toward me and say, "What's that?"
  5. Shark move would be to make it as you walk away from him, stop, look around, look back at him, look around, shrug, and keep walking.
  6. Same. Posted it somewhere back in the anals of this thread.
  7. Server at a local Mexican joint, been there for years, has amazing schtick: As he walks by and sets your drink down and walks away (always a refill or one person getting a drink so it's always a drive-by), in his thickest Spanish accent, he'll say the wrong drink. *sets down my iced tea* "MOUNTaaaain DEEEWWWW...." Still gets me sometimes, years later.
  8. That is a great stat. I remember watching a few Tampa games last year thinking Godwin and Brown are basically equals. I think Evans is used differently enough, that his ADP is probably fair, but I think Godwin and Brown are far too separated. I think you could move them both about 10 spots or so. Brown looks like a potential league winner at WR44 if something happens to Godwin or Evans. Kind of like a WR version of Kareem Hunt. I just got A Brown as my ***WR 5*** at the 8/9 turn in best ball.
  9. Order your soda, iced tea, water, or any other soft drink "On the rocks." Usually gets a small double-take from the server and a chuckle from everyone but my wife and son.
  10. The Mac King comedy/magic show is great for all ages. He's very funny, clean, and a really good magician. He used to be at Harrah's but is now at Excalibur. When we took our son at 14 he loved it. Recommended it to our friends who took their 18 year old daughter and 16 year old son, and they loved it as well. Also, King performs in the afternoon so you can get out of the heat, have a cool drink, and have some fun. You can see some clips on mackingshow.com and get tickets here: https://excalibur.mgmresorts.com/en/entertainment/mackingcomedymagic.html?fireglass_rsn=true#/fireglass_params&tabid=a32ebcd731b7281a&application_server_address=isolation2-us-west-2.wss.prod.fire.glass&popup=true&is_right_side_popup=false&start_with_session_counter=1
  11. :oontzoontzoontzoontz: :knocks a hottie over with my belly:
  12. FTFY. Also, "Could I get a limo to the next property please? I'm pretty tired from all the drinking."
  13. We will be near 100 for the next week in Central Oregon, but at least the temps are going to drop into the 50's every night. Makes it livable for those of us without AC, when we can cool down the house day to day.
  14. So far so good. Invested emotionally, so the hook is set. You got me bro, you got me. I'm in for the sequel, and unless that REALLY SUCKS I'm in for the tril. Well done.
  15. Your stakes are high my friend. Best of luck. Let's keep in touch.
  16. I had a few....France dying in Euro yesterday took out 2/3. So now I've got TB/Italy/Padres/Novak in Wimbeldon. That one pays 275-1. So...vai in italia.
  17. Em takes crap, and earns a bit of it, but he's not a fade. He legitimately is a VERY good NBA capper. You're good to the Stros.
  18. Yeah but he's on Bucks to win the title, I am sure you heard as well. A little birdie told me he....or someone very like him....will be back soon.
  19. Absolutely. I was referencing a specific projection for Pitts, and how the 17th game made it more likely for him to hit that projection. Not that a 17th game should impact his ranking compared to other tight ends.
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