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  1. Oh no Matt O’Neill? Aaron Johnson? Jeff Potter? Luke Jackson or Maarty Leunen IMO.
  2. You have 556 wins there. 17 x 32 would be 544. I actually don't mean that as a criticism, I just think it's interesting that for most of us the natural inclination is to over-estimate wins.
  3. I got it as an espn alert on my phone, and posted here about 2 minutes later.
  4. You may already be aware of this: I have a very large pending multi-sport parlay in which each leg has hit. The last leg is the Padres winning the World Series. At the time of changing it, the most obvious threat to that winning was LAD. My Dodgers logo was the only one that I could make fit the stupid bandwidth rules here, and my way of jinxing them. Which is obviously failing horribly. So the day that the Padres are officially eliminated I will change my avatar to @Flash's.
  5. You do realize that on this blinding white screen your background is blue/lettering is white, and mine is the opposite? I never once have seen your avatar and thought you were me. There are 48 Raiders logos on this board. They somehow manage to deal with it. You will only have to worry about it for another 5 weeks or so.
  6. Your life must be amazing to have time to be worried about my avatar. It'll change soon, rest easy.
  7. Yup. Teasing TB/Under same game not a terrible idea either.
  8. Moved to DISH just over two years ago when Dtv finally became untenable. My 2 year contract ended 9/4. Called in yesterday, and after a 25 minute hold, in a 10 minute conversation I was able to negotiate my bill back down to within $4 of the introductory offer I'd have the last two years, despite a $10 increase on the regular price in that time. So I'm actually getting a better deal, guaranteed no increase for another 2 years. I don't need the whole Sunday Ticket, Redzone is enough for me, plus I get Pac12 network. I miss Directv not at all.
  9. I fully expect to click my bookmark one morning and go to...nowhere. And after I type in footballguys.com the only forum available will be the Shark Pool. Your task in unenviable, and I don't envy you one bit. Unfortunately this board has become a reflection of social media, where the most vocal 5% (3%? 1%) make it miserable. As long as it's operating I'll keep returning, but it is not hard to see the end in the not very distant future.
  10. Just sayin, not at you in particular, but just sayin: Maybe if some of us could hang out on a dummasss fantasy football message board without having people scream about 19cov and vaxxxxx and whatnot, it might be a better life. Just sayin.
  11. Still time to go back... Just never ever too late Clet.
  12. It's the negative resolution of yours! [Also, it's not working for me.... ]
  13. Hey, you do you bud. I'm not saying you're wrong. You may have been right every time. I for SURE can't challenge you on these two things because I have literally zero clue what you're talking about in either case.
  14. Not a lot buddy, been danged quiet around here without most of the OGs around. YOU'VE been missed.
  15. I'm having trouble visualizing this. May we ask for pictures of this attire? Or is that not allowed here anymore? Could be wrong but I think he meant cut-offs.
  16. Really? Is this common knowledge? Or did a friend of a friend of DJax tell him to tell you that?
  17. Asking sincerely, because I am not aware: WHO is AEW's creative? Feels like that has been WWE downfall in the last several years. Some great characters, but the only wins (it seems, with very intermittent viewing) have been Bron, Fiend, and VERY MUCH heel Roman. I'm guessing heel Roman has been Paul E, but they lost/ejected the other two. From comments in here I've gathered HHH/HBK booked very well, but the big leagues have been terrible. So...who is booking AEW? Cody? Dustin? Jericho? A combo? People I've never heard of?
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