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  1. Was it liquor in front, or liquor in back?

  2. Have fun in the pokey!

  3. congrats MITYH! I also think I might vote now. It looks like we can vote for all three, so I may just do that.
  4. Well, we're about four weeks or so from delivery day. The kid is very large. Doctor is predicting a 9-10 pound baby. Everyone is healthy and doing fine.Haven't spoken to Steve since the phone call after the incident, but he has relayed through friends that he's afraid I'm going to attempt to kick his ###. Seems like a strange thing to say for a guy who has done no wrong. Bottom line is I'm never going to be in the same room with the guy again. Steve's wife called my wife to chat a few weeks ago. They were friendly before the incident and are friendly now. They've been through some serious stu
  5. Easily.Hey MitYH did you talk to George yet? Maybe he'll spill something ...Everytime I do a search and new posts come up in this thread, I get :confused:I too, still have not voted.I dont believe this is a
  6. congrats on the good news about the baby! I am so happy this thread has new legs! cant wait for the paternity test!
  7. Thanks. I was wondering. I also wonder how many picked option #4 before it was deleted.
  8. I think an important point that's being missed here is that MITYH's wife's guns are now going to get even bigger.Why, has she been hitting the gym lately?
  9. Whiskey kicks ###, but I am drinking wine and beer tonight
  10. This is the only game I play online now (except tournaments)
  11. I am 21 days older than you

  12. Apparently you have already read them and just came to this conclusion.Well, yes. but from here on out. No more reading those.
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