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  1. My bud in the air force was recently sidelined for a year because of credit card debt. He has 4 kids in high school. He moved to a new base and they denied him clearance. He is 20 years in. Took him past 1-2 years to clear some debt and show that he had a feasible plan going forward. He had a 20-year exemplary record.
  2. Republicans have done a lot to derail the notion of “white superiority.” They have showed when you pull back the curtain it is a chubby guy in a bad outfit grasping at the levers of power. The people in charge have been revealed to be clueless. Minorities should feel empowered.
  3. Not the 2012 Republican nominee for POTUS. Nor Lamar Alexander. Nor most of the Congress behind closed doors.
  4. Republicans and their small caveats. Solicited is fine. Ha. Like Trump had any idea what that was a month ago.
  5. Biden should basically just ignore Trump. Just talk to the people. Don't engage. People want calm.
  6. Biden should have brought up that Trump was birther patient zero. He said Obama was not American. Biden should be bringing up Obama more in most respects.
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