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  1. I get why Republicans are advised to avoid standing up to questioning at all costs.
  2. I was referencing people complaining about people complaining. Whoosh.
  3. Exactly. Please relay that message to Republicans. The U.S. is Costco. South Korea is the bodega. If South Korea can do mass testing and contact tracing we can too. Also cheaper at a per capita basis.
  4. We are a much bigger country so it is much more difficult and expensive. It is kind of like how all the prices at Costco are so much higher than the bodega on the corner. You know the bodega is so small they can do everything on the cheap. While Costco is so big they have to charge so much.
  5. Why was Trump worried about a cruise ship when a daily tsunami was coming behind it? He had no grasp of reality. The country has lost lives, jobs and money because of his dereliction of duty. Inadequate response. No real plan. Just trying to get through the weekly media cycle. When my kids life is being altered. Health. Schooling. Could be two years of their life. This is not owning the libs. This is a crisis. To push donald trump to be in charge of this? Some Abraham with Issac going on there.
  6. Every politician in New York going forward is going to run on putting Trump behind bars. You know, like they did with his lackey Michael Cohen. You wont be able to get elected in New York without vowing this. Trump is effed.
  7. Obama is the sherpa. Trump the fat tourist getting carried to the peak.
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