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  1. plus an extra 5 before the pick is actually read...
  2. I had COVID early in early February, just 3 weeks before I was scheduled for the vaccine. Doc told me to wait a couple weeks before getting it. Got Pfizer dose #1 April 3rd. I experienced some headaches that would come and go over the next two days, nothing debilitating. I was a little more tired than normal, but essentially went about my normal business on the days following the that first shot. I am one week away from shot #2...
  3. Honestly, this was my thought when I read the title.
  4. Be careful of how you use video/images of other people's kids...
  5. This...if you don't want to use it, there are plenty of snowbirds who will
  6. Awesome! We had a lengthy dialogue with one of the Nuclear Engineering professors. He said the university is planning a full return to in person classes with some downsizing of class sizes. He praised the university for having foresight and not waiting until last minute to make decisions throughout the pandemic experience. Obviously, if conditions dictate, those plans can always change, but he was pretty certain they would be back close to normal.
  7. Fantastic! Keep on keeping on!
  8. That's exactly what I was thinking...that background music choice felt like it came from a 1970's era action TV show. Simsarge...awesome story! Wish you well for years to come. And say happy birthday to that lovely woman by your side for me.
  9. 99.9% sure that Purdue will be the place for Galileo Jr. We just came back from a visit and my son really liked it. To be honest, I really liked it. He wishes it was part of, or nearer to, a big city, but I think he is working past that. We are going to take a ride to Ohio State tomorrow and look around also. That is the remaining 0.1%, but I think he is sold on Purdue.
  10. I didn't verify the numbers, but my son said he looked it up and they had ~115,000 applications for about 15,000 accepted spots. 7000 offered wait-list status. College Hunch shows their applications at around 87-88k, so there was a pretty sizable bump this year.
  11. Waitlisted at UC Berkeley. 😐 Sort of odd this late in the game to get a waitlist. Other colleges want to know intentions by May 1st. Can't really wait around. Oh well. Looks like Purdue gets another big bump up the list. We are driving to Purdue on Sunday and will check it out on Monday in person.
  12. Awesome. We are expecting to hear from Berkeley tonight. They said afternoon/early evening (pacific time).
  13. Some folks in here upthread a little ways were talking about aptitude test services. I'll throw another service into the mix called YouScience: https://www.youscience.com/ And here is a little trailer/promo for the service: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9mWOTOMfoA I can't really speak to the quality or usefulness as of yet, but I know our high school is having all the 9th-11th grade students take a series of 11 short aptitude tests through this service. So, our guidance department and the higher ups in the district seem to be on board with it. Students are actually completing these th
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