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  1. This is the wallet I have used for the past year and a half or so. I like it a lot. I probably put more in there than there should be. It can hold a surprising number of bills in the center pocket and still remain pretty sleek...not that you want to do this if you are trying to be minimalist, but it's good to know I can do it if the need arises.
  2. UC Berkeley ❔ Purdue ✔️ Ohio State ✔️ Case Western Reserve ✔️ NC State ✔️ Wisconsin ✔️ Georgia Tech ❌ Update: Not sure if I previously reported the Wisconsin acceptance. We also got word that he is accepted into the Ohio State Honors College. Berkeley has given us a March 25th date for notification. I think the momentum continues to build for Purdue during this long wait for Berkeley.
  3. Doing OK. O2 levels staying up. They gave me a round of Remdesevir, and a steroid, but have since decided this is not a likely helpful course of action for me. Should release me tomorrow assuming oxygen stays good on its own.
  4. My first headache began Feb 2nd. I have run through a gamut of various symptoms. Today I finally landed in the hospital - COVID pneumonia. This has not been a fun journey.
  5. all of them To be fair, I have never tried one.
  6. no interest...but that bacon stuff posted above...
  7. Son and wife confirmed positive. I went for a lab test today to make it official, but I am pretty certain of the result. None of us has lost taste or smell
  8. My SIL, who is a doctor, is pushing zinc. I haven’t taken the time to research that one...
  9. I am eligible to receive the vaccine the week of Feb 15th. I didn't make it. My son started showing symptoms this past weekend, my wife Monday, and me Tuesday night. My son has tested positive. My wife and I each took home test, the rapid 15 minute version. They were negative for both of us, but we are sick. Had to be false negatives. Headache, fever, cough, achy chest...
  10. Some of these schools are pushing their time frame to the bitter end. Wisconsin said decisions would be available by the end of January. 10:30 PM yesterday, on Jan 31st, my son got his notification. He was accepted which is cool, but again, I think it is toward the bottom of his list. Only Berkley remains to be heard from...
  11. Bummer. I hope everything works out. I will likely be facing issues like this with #2 next year.
  12. I've shared similar concerns and even talked about this with my son as being a selection factor. In the end, I wasn't overly concerned about GT' narrow focus. I would be absolutely shuked if my son shifted out of a STEM related major. He is a math/science guy through and through. I certainly could see the possibility of him choosing a different engineering path perhaps. Most of his other choices do have greater versatility than GT though so we should be covered in that unlikely scenario. Worst case scenario, we could enter the transfer portal...lol.
  13. It has a stairway which leads to a door you knock on.
  14. They have a couple merit based scholarships that are awarded with admissions. My son's is the "Presidential" scholarship. It seems they have another at a higher level of $16k per year called a "Trustee" scholarship. Both of these I think are auto apply based on eligibility with admission. There are other scholarships as well with later application deadlines and award dates. Check out the scholarship page of their web site for more details... https://www.admissions.purdue.edu/costsandfinaid/freshman.php?_ga=2.209735061.1469393963.1611628091-98179835.1611513626
  15. Godzilla, and it isn't even close. No, I didn't watch the trailer.
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