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  1. It would be wild if it was drugs, as he was the responsible vet when Josh Freeman was doing ecstasy. I remember Freeman binged out one night and missed Becht's football camp for kids. V-jax was one of the guys who always made it.
  2. I love grapefruit, then cherry & mango. But I'll drink all of them.
  3. the gps specs for the latest smartphones are pretty good, and make them the easiest option. Unless your a pro like woz and need to be right on the button, and want to laser all sorts of things besides distance to hole. GPS, A-GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Cell ID, Wi-Fi positioning
  4. I have a feeling the market will be flooded with used boats in a few years
  5. I saw one qanon guy who was saying Trump was actually a Mason and was in on it with them all, and qanon was a big psyop.
  6. Qanon was an upper tier larp. The internet was absolutely ripe with boomers that would take any bait out there. Combine that with the confirmation bias of years of infowars, and Trump not denouncing it, and it made for the perfect execution. It was almost as good as AZ Ron, but nobody stormed any building over racks.
  7. Why would we need so many people? With the advancements in things like AI & robotics I'd imagine we don't need as many people. There would still be a major need for care takers, because who wants a robot wiping their elderly butt's? I'd much rather have an ex-truck driver or Uber driver who's jobs should be disappearing any year now.
  8. Congratulations Max, you are the best boxer in the UFC, but can he ever finish an opponent? Props to Kattar for taking so many jabs, but there must be 0 power behind a Max Holloway punch. It looked like he had him finished at times, but couldn't get it done. He tried a double leg against the fence that was stuffed, then he must have just decided to show boat instead of trying to get the finish. I assume if he went for a takedown he must not have had confidence in his punching power. Who punches harder Max Holloway or Colby Covington? Sarcasm aside, he won the fight in a dominant fashion,
  9. What are the best value gaming TVs? I'm hearing about hdmi 1.2 or something. Is it the same size but better? Or is it a completely new size? I remember what a pita it was going from component to hdmi.
  10. The problem these days is the conspiracies are coming from people that were once normal. All the Trump's, Flynn, General McIrney, Patrick Burn, Lynn Wood, Giuliani. Much easier to ignore these things when they were just coming from the chans.
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