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  1. I assume this is like the housing market. Get a great deal on your current, but good luck finding any deal on anything. I have been hearing about the chip shortage, so I bet new vehicles are going pretty high as well.
  2. In the gaming world it is widely accepted the younger kids have superior motor skills. They obviously don't have the seasoned knowledge of traffic flows, and other intricacies we pick up over the years. Young drivers don't understand two things; traffic flows, & there are no respawns in RL.
  3. Come on down to Florida if you don't mind 95° 5+ months, humidity, mosquito's, and traffic.
  4. I have been boycotting ever since they changed the name. It is a blatant sign of disrespect to Mike Lowry, especially after he did so much to stop the ecstasy trade taking down Johnny Tapia. If the OP wants the excitement of a zoo he can just take his family south in US 19. You can see all kinds of wild creatures at the strip malls along the way lining up at vape, shops and XXX video cinemas.
  5. I'm a big Masvidal fan, but I never thought he was championship material. I love his style, he improved his wrestling, but he's probably a 50/50 guy if you match him up against most of the top welterweight talent. The top challenge for Usman is Colby Covington. Hopefully we get it fight week, and Usman doesn't dodge until 2022.
  6. I'm going to wait until the animal trials are complete https://nypost.com/2021/03/30/mans-skin-peeled-off-in-reaction-to-johnson-johnson-covid-vax/
  7. What do you think about people with autism / Asperger's serving in law enforcement? http://www.bbc.com/news/disability-43584212
  8. I'm having a bday party for my son, about the same age on Saturday. It is going to be nerf themed, and I sent out a CTF aerial map showing power weapon locations, shield (trash can lids), and respawn locations. I even ordered a cool referee jersey! For the pool, I have one of those "watermelon balls" that they have fun with. No advice for the drama, but I plan on telling them they are being monitored closely by cameras to prevent the inevitable cheating. If you happen to have all the kids their let them know in advance they are on camera, and maybe that will prevent them
  9. Cooked hot dogs on them for years in college, then someone got me a panini maker, which is basically the exact same thing. I use it for grilled cheese and tuna melts.
  10. .Bought the cheapest one from Sam's for like $1200, saved a grand by putting it together myself. I'd say it worth it at the time, but I am dying to get rid of it and put in a shed.
  11. Sorry about the loss of your friend. Thanks for introducing him to the community, and thanks letting us know.
  12. I am in the same boat. I recently bought an external SSD that I backed up most of my Google account to. I also pay monthly for Google Play music, which I believe was rebranded as YouTube music or something. I also pay like 1.99 a month for additional cloud space with google. I think they call it OneDrive now. They constantly change the names of all their services. Don't get me started on chat.
  13. That reminds me, I am also waiting on a refrigerator door. Part of this is due to the repair guy ordering a new ice maker, and come to find out the entire door needs to be replaced. He told me 4-6 weeks. We have been buying ice and filling the ice maker since January.
  14. I was rear ended in my year old truck at the beginning of February. They are still waiting on a couple clips for the bumper, and apparently many parts from all the major manufacturers are experiencing major delays because of covid. Ordered a new couch at Haverty's back in January, that is supposed to be here this month. I have heard of several families waiting months for furniture. All a small price to pay if they need to shut down factories to prevent the spread of the virus. That being said, is anyone else experiencing major delays on anything? TLDNR , look at
  15. I mentioned the genomelink site I that you can share your ancestry results with. I paid $15 and found out things like I need more B12, & vitamin e. As far as athletics, it said I was a good sprinter and had bad endurance. Is say that was correct when I was a kid. It also said I am predisposed to hair loss... Check! Anyways, now I am at a dilemma on wanting to try this for my kid. Could this be a cheat code for parents, or is this going down a road I don't want to? If my kid is genetically predisposed to suck at endurance sports, then maybe you steer them in a different di
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