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  1. In on DWAC, dwacu, dwacw. No idea what the difference is. Up big so far and I thought I got in late.
  2. I didn't hear anything about a gun or a dangling body he probably took pills or slit his wrist
  3. I feel Amazon is in a similar position as WMT, MCD, and Disney. Pretty meh in 2021, but historically they are safe and go up. I took a position in MCD earlier this week, and am thinking about selling off some Tesla & MSFT to add to the others.
  4. The "overweight" and BMI isn't always reliable.. If your a weight lifter it may say you are obese.
  5. Sounds fine to me, but maybe put a few caps, or unglued 90's above ground so that it doesn't fill with rain.
  6. Can you get a job at the VA? I know a guy who is a physical therapist that works at one, and he does well.
  7. Serious question, is "queer" a bad term to use for gay people? Or, is it like the N word, where you have to be on the team to be able to say it? My first impression is that it's probably not cool, but the Q in LGBTQ seems to be acceptable. I don't use the term, as it seems as outdated as "rubber lips". But I could definitely see a Boomer like Gruden still using these terms. He probably calls all drugs "dope" as well.
  8. He should hire a lawyer and sue that person. Hell, sue FB while your at it for hosting a toxic place where morons mistakingly Target private citizens. They should all be kicked off the platform at the very least.
  9. Is an "anti-vaxer" someone against just the covid vaccines, or any vaccine in general. I thought it was someone against all vaccines. Odds are most of these people are just "anti covid vaxxerd The administration just kind of threw it out there and let all the companies try and figure it out on their own. I wonder what happens if it takes so long to figure this mess out, that covid cases are in heavy decline. Are they going to change the policy?
  10. The boys are going to start saying they identify as girls just so they can use the cleaner bathrooms. If you had to poop there is always pee on the seats in the men's stalls.
  11. I got my second Pfizer yesterday at 11:30. I fell asleep early and woke up at 11:30 pm sick. I was shivering worse than I did when I had covid, and could barley hold my phone. I probably should have taken a Tylenol at that time but I was so cold I just went and got back to bed. Slept like crap, tossing and turning, and sweating all night long. Still feeling some effects.
  12. No just pretty progressive and ahead of the curve on things like this. they were early on all of these initiatives compared to peers in my industry. And as far as the "mandate" I just think these mandates should consider natural immunity instead of such a broad policy. My company may have, but like I said I didn't feel in a position where it was worth making a stink over.
  13. I work for a woke company and had to get it despite already having covid. I changed jobs recently and did not want to ruffle any feathers or labeled an anti-vaxer, so I begrudgingly got them. I heard of a guy who didn't want to get it, and he is still here. He also has quite a bit of work and is one of the only guys in his region. I doubt they get rid of him, but I couldn't say the same about me.
  14. Do you think he kept him on the team because of gay guilt, or maybe it would be called hetero guilt? Anyways I personally think that he doesn't dislike them or hate them but was talking about the specific situation where he felt the lead force Jeff Fisher's hand on it. And Carl Nassib taking a personal day may be because he doesn't want to be bombarded by media.
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