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  1. Sorry for the loss. I had a similar terrier years ago, and they have a huge heart for being in such a small package.
  2. I think a few weeks ago adverse effects to vaccines, and religious exemptions were recognized. This week it's "don't let the door hit you on your way to $600 a week". Oh wait, you ain't getting that either 🤣
  3. I want to see a picture of the friend before I make any judgements.
  4. Yeah this is the antibodies. I tried signing up at Walgreens & CVS and they both require 14 days after positive.
  5. I just got an email from work that I will be required to get vaccinated. I just got over covid, so I'm pretty sure I am loaded with antibodies. Has anyone heard of any negative side effects from people getting a vax immediately after covid?
  6. A few weeks ago he was claiming nobody on the west coast could breathe because of the Red Tide Desantis made.
  7. I have also heard great things about Kohler, however I believe General has better warranty's. General kind of forces the hands of the electricians to sell their product, so most people are going to tell you them no matter what.
  8. I know of so many "breakthrough cases" it's almost as if the vaccine is useless against the Delta.
  9. They all completely lied about a secondary explosion. I guess that's what happens when we depend on out trustworthy ally the Taliban for Intel.
  10. I like smoke better than air. If I could, I'd smoke in my sleep. I would still do after it kills me. Kirill XXX
  11. I stumbled on this thread late, and just was responding to the OP post about adverse effects from a vaccine. I have no desire to make sure people don't take the vaccine. I'm just mentioning a former marine I met who strongly believes he got Ms from the double dose japanese encephalitis vaccine. It's very difficult to prove if a vaccine is the cause of something like this, but can you blame a guy like that from being hesitant to get the jab?
  12. I'm not making it political, and am a fan of rolling stone. I follow Maddow, but don't tune in every night. I don't think there is a "conspiracy against ivermectin" it's more of a piggyback media just trying to get clicks. They all just happen to be repeating blatantly false narrative about Joe Rogan taking horse paste. I'm not supporting ivermectin use, but I don't blame people in other regions of the world that don't have access to vaccines for trying alternative treatments.
  13. I don't know much about the protocol, but I'm pretty sure taking it alone has never been recommended. It has always been with zinc from what I recall. Maybe vitamin C? I have 0 expertise I'm this, and I'm not recommending taking it. I just think everyone here has blinders on to the realities of the rest of the globe. If you were in some remote village of India I wouldn't blame you for taking it. The last thing I would do is call you an idiot that takes horse paste.
  14. I don't, but there are quite a few people that follow Rolling Stone and Rachel Maddow that probably aren't too smart. These are the people I worry about.
  15. Why is rolling stone and maddow reporting fake news about hospitals overloaded with people overdosing on ivermectin? Why is CNN saying Joe Rogan took horse dewormer?
  16. Probably already posted here but it looks like there are some positive results fr Hong Kong. I realize these doctors probably aren't as sophisticated as the medical experts / Nigerian email scammers reporting the infertility, so take it fwiw. https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fimmu.2021.663586/full I don't own any stock in ivermectin BTW. I'm just suspicious of the coordinated hit job on this stuff, and the fake news surrounding it. Like the Rolling Stone article about overdoses, that was easily fact checked by calling the hospital. Then the fake news just gets regurgitated by the talking heads like Maddow. Doesn't anyone else wonder why there is so much fake news surrounding this stuff?
  17. Looks kind of cool, been missing something out of this fantasy/sci-fi genre since GOT.
  18. "Clinical trials evaluating whether Ivermectin tablets can be used to treat COVID-19 are ongoing" Why are they even performing clinical trials on whether it can be used to treat covid if it's a consensus by scientists and experts that it doesn't work?
  19. Yes, I am aware of this. I have even seen infographics that show how much of each apple paste flavored Ivermectin to take lol. What do you think about the possibility of a lawsuit by Joe Rogan against the media outlets saying the took horse dewormer? Imo, these articles were hit pieces trying to make him look like a nut. I would think at the minimum there should be a retraction. This kind of false reporting doesn't help anyone, and imo just adds fuel to the fire of the conspiracy crowd.
  20. I have a few problems with the ivermectin coverage and reporting. The first is that it's primarily being referred to as horse dewormer, and failing to mention it's actually prescribed by doctors and is a useful medicine. I realize there is no evidence of it helping covid, but it's not like it's only infowarriors taking it. It's apparently being used in India and many other countries, which leads to my other concern about it. Many of these countries do not have the infrastructure to keep the vaccines cold enough, so these shot in the dark treatments might be their only hope until the vaccines reach them.
  21. I remember hearing about this, and the first thing that came to mind was how alcohol can destroy even the most well to do families. The guys wife and son were a mess, and there was speculation the dad may have had them murdered. The other thing I thought of was maybe someone seeking revenge for the girl that was killed. Nothing can bring back a loved one, but killing the entire family of the person who killed your loved one may bring comfort to some. BTW, the girl the son killed in the boat was beautiful. Malory Beach https://www.fitsnews.com/2020/06/12/murdaugh-slapped-and-spit-on-girlfriend-before-fatal-sc-boat-crash-court-records-say/
  22. I met a former marine with MS, and he blames it on a double dose vax for Japanese ensephalitis they were required to take.
  23. I thi k his early stuff was great, but he hasn't lost it. "Yikes" from the Ye album is one of my favorite songs he has made.
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