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  1. It seems to be getting more difficult to find Old Grand Dad 114 ... is it just me? (Houston)
  2. Texas Slim Bourbon (pour to preferred strength) Topo Chico Crushed ice Grapefruit peel garnish
  3. Saw @Chemical X notes above re: flights opening up for tourism w/ restrictions. We are starting to think of rebooting the trip we had planned for May 2020, and target May 2022. My assumption (hope) is that travel is loosened up considerably by then. Anyway, we are starting to think through the best way to re-engage with trip planning ... early enough to secure decent flights and places to stay, but not so early as to deal with the uncertainty of "how things are today". Encouraging to see things starting to move in the right direction.
  4. I will preface this by saying I have no experience, but am willing to learn and get the right tools / take the time to do this right. We have a 10'L pecan wood dining table w/ live edges that I'd like to refinish. The carpenter originally stained it quite dark, and the semi-glossy 'finish' has a few spots that are starting to flake off (after ~10 years of use). Our preference is to finish this piece with a more natural or light color finish. There is also one area near an end that has some 1/8" cracks on top that, while I don't think are expanding, could be filled in during this process. The carpenter built bowties on the other end which have kept it solid. So ... I guess my question is, has anyone worked w/ pecan before? And what would be the recommended process for stripping this down, sanding & refinishing. I will have plenty of space outside and a dry climate to work in ... hoping to tackle this summer. Thoughts on tools, finish options, or online resources (haven't gone down the youtube rabbit hole yet) would be so helpful. Also if you think I should do something less drastic to avoid damaging the piece. Thanks guys.
  5. First time drinking Weller Full Proof yesterday evening and it was awesome. Barkeep poured me 2oz for $20 which felt fair. Sipped it neat after enjoying a delicious Manhattan (rye). Happy weekend, you guys. 🥃
  6. We are planning to relocate and will be able to become a 1-car family in the new location. Going to be looking to unload two daily drivers down here in Houston, seems like the timing might be right. We were going to try GiveMeTheVIN.com but I will scout out some of these others (CarMax, etc.). 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman (69k miles) 2011 Kia Optima (115k miles)
  7. Our company just sent a note out with a mid-May date target for all employees to return to the office. We all figured this was coming eventually, but I thought they'd at least tie the timing to re-start of the school year. Gonna be interesting to see what the blow back looks like for those more entrenched in the WFH camp. Context - the company owns the office facilities, isn't a commercial lease situation.
  8. Received a bottle of Kentucky Owl Confiscated from a gb ... have heard a bit about it, but never seen a bottle in the wild or tried it myself. Anyone here tasted this one? Appears to be marketed as a more premium bottle, I really appreciate the gift.
  9. Was able to try the Whistlepig 12 year old world rye last night at a friend's home ... pretty smooth for a rye (86 proof), a fun one to try w/ the different barrel types. Preparing for a move, having some of my whiskey-loving friends over to 'kill my bottles' (all the opened ones). Blantons, Weller A107, Wild Turkey Rare Breed, Henry McKenna, EH Taylor SB, and an Old Forester barrel pick will be the highlights. Making some cocktails as well. Should be a good time 🙂
  10. Only JD barrel proof rye I've run across was in a random TX hill country town liquor store. It's excellent!
  11. Buddy brought a few bottles over the other night, and one was Midwinter Night's Dram. I hadn't yet tried any from the High West line and generally not a fan of the port barrel finishes, but I thought it was AWESOME. Real velvety (is that a word?) and a great finish. Anyway, added to my list, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  12. 37 hours and the gracious power lords have decided our plight is now worth the spot-price premium to purchase energy, distribute and grant us respite in the future these distributors will figure out a way to strike the right balance of: 1) passing along the spot-price-spike premiums to consumers, and thereby 2) shortening the length of disruption
  13. 36+hrs with no power ... we moved in with some friends (and now 3 other families!) 5min down the street who (might live near a city councilperson - ha!) have had uninterrupted power, so doing pretty good. just checked on the house and indoors it is 40-45deg depending on where you are! opened up the blinds to let in some sun today, still have water, thankfully no burst pipes like many are starting to report this morning. we are finally back to 32degF outside!
  14. it's been 12+hrs now with no power ... wife is a trooper and we've been crushing the hot tea today ... pretty dang cold inside, getting some sunshine now but another night in the teens is looming
  15. Hadn't seen it anywhere here in Houston, but was in a smaller hill country town visiting a buddy and we found two on the shelf ... we each grabbed one ... very surprised! Good luck, enjoy the hunt, it will find you eventually
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