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  1. For someone who watches more Twins baseball than me, what are the comps on Larnach? Is he Adam Dunn?
  2. All the poor white slave descendants in Africa were close to equality, but then someone mentioned that Elon Musk’s children have an advantage because he was white and rich and from Africa, and then *bam* everyone knew the poor depressed whites of the Sahara were doomed.
  3. Yes, ok? That’s terrible, they should do everything they can to make amends and treat them fairly and equally. Why would that even be a question? I don’t get to vote in Africa, but I encourage anyone who does so to vote for equality for all.
  4. Ok, cool I just wanted to make sure I had no reason to care. Feel free to block.
  5. You ruined that, now we’re here. Anyway time to have underlings make me food and clean my house.
  6. I think it’s a huge difference. I’m not talking generational wealth, I’m talking about the difference of a kid who was born 3 blocks down the road from another where his school district was filtered into a much worse education. I’m talking about a mom who works three jobs to provide for her kids and isn’t there to read to them at night. Some where want you to believe that minorities want handouts and competitive advantage (and revenge!?!?). That’s not the case anymore than the occasional poor white trash down the street. They want to provide and earn just like anyone else.
  7. Oh, thank God Lebrun is able to give everyone a head start. That example of one was powerful, we can definitely forget the millions of others.
  8. I think if this wasn’t being whitewashed, it may not be needed. If everyone was being honest, I wouldn’t see the problem moving forward with what we have, but that’s not the case.
  9. Profiting off of likeness will be here soon. I both think that it’s a good and fair thing for the student athletes and that it’ll completely change the game for the worse moving forward. The gap between have and have nots is already high, I can only imagine what kind of endorsements you get from being a QB at a top program.
  10. Well, I’ll ask broadly... where do you (or whomever “moderates” this forum) draw the line on what is ok here because it seems inconsistent at best, and pointed at worst.
  11. The organized religion thing actually scares me more than any alien. Some would move on but a lot would go f’ing insane. The really religious people define their entire lives around it, I don’t think pulling the rug out would enlighten them, they would double down hard. I also don’t think it would necessarily change the larger question of God either, but we still have a very self-centered version of religion in the west. Jesus died for us, not mork from ork.
  12. And I’m speaking to you, so do you want to address what I said (or don’t, doesn’t matter to me)? If he wanted to engage, he could have done so by saying, “I disagree.” He decided to be an ###, I reciprocated.
  13. The Aliens in the Sheen version inverted their legs and reminds of Willis McGahee’s knee injury.
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