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  1. I don’t think it’ll finish either to be honest. At the very least, teams are going to be short handed with guys quarantined off and on all season.
  2. Clemson had something earlier in the week. Apparently a coach dropped an N bomb 3 years ago. He apologized to the player at that time and the player forgave him (according to the player it happened to) but someone else who was in proximity was upset. Id be fine if that coach got let go, honestly probably be a net improvement.
  3. The same Jim Jordan that was at Ohio State and has had people state he was aware of the abuse occurring? well, I guess nothing would surprise me anymore.
  4. Can someone explain why he has such a huge issue with voting by mail, when he himself votes by mail from a private club?
  5. Just passed John Smoltz in the ATL airport. We caught eyes, I nodded, we shared a moment. I didn’t want to be douchey and stop him.
  6. My understanding is that the female in this scenario still does not want to talk about it, so legally I’m guessing he’s probably ok unless she changes her mind. It’s going to be how much comes out, how damning it is, and then how the Lions feel about it.
  7. Prosecutors had medical evidence, at least 5 witnesses... https://www.thescore.com/nfl/news/1543620 Still not making judgement on whether or not he did something, but I think this article basically means this isn’t going away anytime soon.
  8. No? have you ever known someone who has been assaulted? It’s a very traumatic event, most tend to want to forget it ever happened. Again I’m not saying Patricia did anything wrong at all, but a victim of assault not wanting to testify and not taking the case further in either criminal or civil court is something that happens every single day.
  9. He’s been purposefully obtuse since it broke. He doesn’t want to engage in discussion, just prefers willful ignorance. I’m not saying Patricia did anything wrong, you’re not saying that either, just that something did happen and it’s fair to discuss. He’s made up his mind because he likes his football team. Priorities can be a funny thing.
  10. Should we all just assume he isn't Charlie Weinstein? I think you are onto something here with Cosby, so many similarities I'm starting to think Patricia is black, amiright? Could have fooled me... you say nothing happened, then you say you don’t claim to know what happened. As to the bold, wtf are you rambling about? Keep drinking that kool aid brother.
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