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  1. Can we keep it on the topic and not other posters? How is your post on topic?
  2. Hmmm, how about: TRUMP HAD HIMSELF THREE VIETNAMS THIS SUMMER. VOTE! Yes or over seventy 9-11s.
  3. I don't know if Trump did or not - i don't know if Trump was symptomatic just remember, only 99.96 % of us make it out of covid alive I'm sorry, but this is an assinine statement. Some of those 0.04% are our friends and family. I find your comment to be insensitive and jerkish. Not cool /on ignore But is those of us who point out Trump's issues, while he is in the hospital, are the one disappointing the FBG management. UNREAL!
  4. people have died from things besides COVID in 2020. COVID is on top of the baseline number of deaths one would expect in a given year. I understand, I just don't like to throw statements like the one originally mentioned around without verification. Even if they fit a narrative I believe.
  5. I read it in a tweet few weeks ago. Check this: https://time.com/5815367/coronavirus-deaths-comparison/ 1918-19 flu pandemic killed 675,000. Unless half of that happened in just a few months, it's impossible NOT to be correct. Wipes out more Americans faster than anything in any of our lifetimes, and we still have people peddling 99.96% yada yada yada. Not sure I can buy that logic, nor repeat it. The first year I looked at was 1933 and 1,342,106 Americans died. That is an average of 100,000 per month. I can see spikes and drops to put it near where we have been in the past 4 months of 2020. I am not saying you are wrong, just it will require more work than shown.
  6. I like how he says they don't enforce existing gun laws and immediately realizes he messed up and tried to fix it. Then takes the typical issue with courts and releasing people who haven't been found guilty.
  7. That's what I was thinking until I remembered that: MORE AMERICANS HAVE DIED IN THE LAST 4 MONTHS THAN IN ANY 4 MONTHS IN HISTORY. VOTE! As much as this speaks to information I would tend to believe, any chance you can source this before I ever repeat it?
  8. Per witnesses/family, an older white man was "beating the hell out of his wife" inside the convenience store, Johnathan Price intervened, the altercation went outside. When police arrived, Price raised his hands and began trying to explain the situation when the police tased him. The convulsions from the electric shock were "perceived as a threat" and the police then killed him. Price had also recently posted to social media defending police amid the recent events in the country. It was this black man's fault for, well being black. He should know better in America!
  9. And those of us who say this out will be chastised here for pointing out things like this while the president is in the hospital. UNREAL!
  10. Honest mistake. Like going to get your hair done without a mask and then blaming the business owner, amirite? Bof Sidez!!! I was furious at Pelosi when she did that and said so much here. But many on Trump's side will continue to deflect and point fingers. No responsibility at all.
  11. Not really. Mostly discouraged by the forum. Especially considering the work we put into it. The President of the United States is in the hospital with what I consider a serious virus and still lots of the talk is "OMG they clearly edited out a cough from the video" or laughing at the doctor briefing or at free shipping for a Trump commemorative coin. Plus tons of comments that are way over the line and deleted that most don't see. Super discouraged with most all of it. This is your forum and you are allowed to say whatever you want, but it seems like you are completely disregarding the president's inactions and actions that have contributed to the death of over 210,000 Americans; 2 of which are family members of mine and 1 other who was a long time friend. People are furious at him for good reason. I want him to get healthy, but I still think he is doing idiotic things at the moment. Even as he is in the hospital with this "serious virus" that he has downplayed for 8 months! I refuse to give him a pass at anything so close to the election!
  12. That’s funny, looks like they just have a FFA type forum with a handful of political posts....this place created an additional forum with 51 pages of mostly Trump bashing which was never allowed before this President. That bar is set pretty high. Its like making comparison to a landfill saying they just allow everyone to throw their trash anywhere, but in a museum they force you to put your trash in the trashcan. landfill = FFT museum = FBG trash = political discussions
  13. Didn't answer my question? Which I guess answers my question. Enjoy your weekend. Sorry I thought it was a rhetorical question.
  14. Sadly they do better than the liberal news sources. Are there mandatory tests for all House and Senate members? Weird people are comparing like it's apples/apples if not. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-usa-pelosi-test/u-s-house-speaker-pelosis-friday-covid-19-test-is-negative-idUSKBN26N3BJ
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