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  1. My rule would be this, and this is just me, if I lost my virginity before she was born, I probably shouldn't be dating her.I should probably rethink this rule though. This is a solid way to prevent ever accidentally sleeping with your own offspring, which is nice.My general rule is no one who got into the bar with a fake id. This wouldn't have been the first time I'd violated () that rule though. But if it doesn't happen the first night, it's not going to happen. High school class of '08 is still too much of an e-brake. Jesus.
  2. Very interested in this. My dad is a huge Civil War buff, and I would like to be able to carry this conversation with him.
  3. mmmm quarter cask laphroig. and the fiancee is making pasta. good night. good night.
  4. I think this is still my favorite. He has to do a 270 before coming to the set position, and of course he chooses to face away from the camera for his "pitch," which looks like the flick of a 6 year old girl. I think he balked. Twice.
  5. Just took a look at his Facebook profile. Apparently, I'm #24 on his top friends list. I'm like the Gonzaga of Kige groupies.
  6. That could help. But explain to me in my dating stories where I'm the one who goes psycho.P _ _ M SBuy a vowel.:coffee:Does anyone still have these?
  7. Update: She still stalks me a bit. I chose my (now) fiancee over her--don't think she ever got over that.
  8. This is so VERY TRUE!!!! Maybe it is my age (32) or my level of maturity, but it is not longer cute when a guy asks me how many frostings will be needed to make a "double decker" cake and then proceeds to invite me over for cake, or asks me what shirt I prefer and then proceeds to tell me he will wear it on "our first date" or goes out of his way to make himself look stupid to get my attention. I have mentioned to DaVinci multiple times that I would probably never re-marry if something was to happen to him (just because I do not like the games guys play) until last week. I was browsing the
  9. He explained how it "was the perfect stocking to put COAL in", 4 times in 21 seconds. @ chasestuartisgay
  10. So glad I have an office. I would throw myself through a wall if I had to listen to that.
  11. ####ing hilarious. This is Kige Ramsey for Youtube Produce. Produce??? Holy ####.
  12. Got a message from this one... So at what point does she ask for money for her "airfare to states"? :lmao:I am still crying in my office.....oh my stomach.
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