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  1. I stayed there once. Not a bad place and a great deal imo.
  2. My Alaska trip in late May was just cancelled. Not happening this year, but maybe we’ll try again in a year or two. I’m hoping my Philly trip in September happens.
  3. Philly’s own. I am supposed to see them in late September, but honestly I was going to see Squeeze and KT Tunstall and Mrs. O was going to see H&O. I’m not a real big fan. Maybe it was the heavy rotation of their stuff when I was a kid.
  4. I still like SFU a lot better, but it’s a huge improvement.
  5. Any change to the exterior of the house or the surrounding property requires an approval. There is sort of a scale of requests that is somewhat unwritten, but any major modification needs to be approved. We were approved in 3 days and didn't expect any issues whatsoever. As reference, there is a house down from me where the homeowners decided to build a fence to the slope of the pond we all share. The problem is that the easement set up for landscape folks is now bisected by the fence. Lol. I saw some folks out there with a measuring tape this morning. It's easily 10-15 feet inside the ea
  6. Rock Me Tonite is slightly more cringeworthy to me if it makes you feel better, but that's from 1984. Maybe it will make an appearance in an upcoming thread?
  7. Just got my HOA approval for new sod. Going with Pro Vista St. Augustine. 8 pallets worth is pricey, but it's also the last sod I ever put down in my yard. The installers should be stopping by in the next few days to go all scorched earth on what little grass I have left out there. Should be fun.
  8. I get so many solicitors going door to door that I installed a camera facing the door. When the doorbell rings or someone knocks, there's a 90% chance it's someone I am not interested in talking to so I ignore them. Wyze cam is behind the door in an alcove so it's not so obvious.
  9. Since they can be controlled with Google or Amazon, I consider them smart devices. Someone here recommended Geeni smart plugs to me and I love them. They are very easy to set up and I use them mostly as light timers. ETA: I’ve heard good thing about Wyze smart plugs too.
  10. My dog would not be a deterrent. Maybe a light growl or two from being disturbed while sleeping, but nothing more. She's a cupcake
  11. I use mine mostly as a security system. They have pretty good motion detection along with fire/CO2 alarm recognition. I also save all video to a 32 GB MicroSD card residing in each camera. The videos overwrite as space is needed and I can download whatever I want to my phone (i.e. video or pics) or watch them live from my phone from wherever. Live(ish) pic from outdoor cams
  12. Wyze cams around the house directed at points of entry and 4 Geeni smart plugs. This is as much as I ever want. Not a big fan of IoT mostly due to massive security issues.
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