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  1. Haley should be the nominee, but she's not far enough to the right for the Trump base.
  2. Now un-vaxxed are bullies 🤣. I have heard it all now 🤣🤣. That was 👍.
  3. It's a terrible "publicity stunt" having a former special forces male pummel a woman. Gross really.
  4. Sort of. Show your papers or you can't come in! Get vaccinated or lose your job! Shame people who don't think like you! It's racist too. Black and brown people are way behind on being vaccinated. This is very Nazi-ist.
  5. So let me get this straight. This administration and democrats in general, not all, in general. They aren't mandating vaccines on illegal immigrants. They aren't mandating vaccines to individuals on government aid. Why not mandate those individuals with the threat of losing government aid or automatic deportation? Yet this administration will force actual hard working American citizens to take the shot or lose your livelihood?? See a problem there? See a political motive there? Democrats cannot be taken seriously about this issue until they force those groups the way they treat working Americans. It's a disgusting double standard.
  6. But I've seen people on here calling us anti-vaxxing rubes. Rednecks. Stupid. Hillbillies. All kinds of nonsense. I'm not anti-vaxx. I just think I have natural antibodies.
  7. This is an honest question. Why should I get the shot. I've had Covid twice. Shouldn't I have antibodies? Aren't natural antibodies better then a vaccine? What would be the science behind getting a vaccine for something I've had.
  8. I've never heard of this Spencer guy, but not knowing Gorda or Miller is a big yikes.
  9. I consider myself a soft r, maybe even a rhino, maybe more a libertarian. This bill is an abomination. A sad day if it's allowed to stand.
  10. I value American lives more for a couple reasons. 1. Selfishness. 2. Proximity. I need Americans to run/work at hospitals, police, grocery stores etc etc. I need/want Americans to spend money in our economy. I think you get my point. The same as I would expect a Frenchman to value French lives more then Venezuelans.
  11. Not very good so far. It's early and they can still turn it around. But with coronavirus still rampaging, southern border mess, inflation, Afghanistan mess, they got a long road ahead of them.
  12. This is spot on with today's democrats. They care more about pronouns, mascots, who'sa boy or girl, and racism from 100+ years ago. That alone ties up all their capabilities. They can't possibly be worried about foreign policy. I didn't add in climate change, free college, free health care, free child care, student loan forgiveness, free this free that etc etc...no wonder joe got Americans killed today.
  13. This administration is done. Red wave incoming! Thank God. Get adults back in charge. Eta: and that's sad considering who we had before Biden. I just don't see Republicans screwing this up like democrats did.
  14. The US hadn't lost a service member in Afghanistan in a year and a half-ish?? Took this administration 7 months. 😢
  15. Can we change the thread title to ***Official President Jimmy Carter 2.0 Thread***??
  16. I'm no ardent Trump supporter. I'm at best a small r. Probably a rino these days. But this is completely at undoubtedly all on Biden.
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