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  1. I'd have to look at how old they all were at the time, but I think I'd take the 2009 team. Davies is the most obvious what if? USMNT guy but Holden is right up there with him in my opinion. Looking at the timeline, this would have been after 2009, but he was so so good for Bolton in the 2010-2011 season before he got hurt. I think he led the PL in tackles when he got injured. He was everywhere.
  2. The 2002 WC was really the first time I watched high level soccer. We barely made it out of the group IIRC, got super lucky at the end of the S Korea-Portugal match. Just goes to show you how thin the knife's edge can be.
  3. Wouldn’t a 3-4-3 sacrifice somebody like Musah for another CB? Or would you play someone like A. Robinson as one of the 3 CBs?
  4. Davies got pulled after 40 minutes, but Bayern are up 5-0 at half so probably not much to it. NBD just Leverkusen.
  5. Honestly the results don’t even matter all that much to me as far as staying for the next cycle. To be clear - it would be insane to get rid of him right now and I generally think he’s done a solid job. I wasn’t even really thinking about where we’re at right now as a program, more of a hypothetical I suppose. Given the circumstances of his hire he always has had a bit of a caretaker feel, even though he clearly isn’t, and guys that stay with one national team for a long time should be mostly exceptional.
  6. Low didn’t win his at the end though. His last two major tournaments were (by their standards) really bad. If he had left after 2016 we might have been spared the booger eating video and the one of him going in for a huge whiff after putting his hands down his pants, so that’s another huge plus.
  7. National Teams are way different. I don’t even think of it as him “keeping” the job. The default should be he’s done at the end of the cycle. It’s way different when you have a fixed player pool compared to a professional environment.
  8. Seems like the US is generally an outlier in terms of how long we keep our national team coaches. I think new voices/ideas are necessary in that kind of environment and there’s a reason these coaches cycle out pretty quickly on average. Also everybody is gonna want that job, pretty much the exact opposite of the last search.
  9. Remember how long the search was that led to Berhalter? Seriously feels like a lifetime ago. We were all so pissed he ended up being the guy after that wait. No matter what happens he’s done after 2022, right? Start fresh next cycle. Right?
  10. You’d think he’d get a look for their national team over some of the guys they trotted out there last night
  11. I can’t believe we punted that game in Panama
  12. Can we get a mulligan on that match against El Salvador? If we have to stress in March that one is gonna be tough to swallow.
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