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  1. Tried to watch Dortmund this morning but we landed on Cars 2 for the 50th time. Please send help
  2. I read earlier that when Jerry Garcia died Rush called him a deadbeat and said he was just another dead doper. I also read he used to have a segment called “AIDS update” where he’d talk about gay men who had recently passed from the disease. Anyone know if that stuff is true?
  3. A loan from a 401k or 403b won't be taxable, provided you pay it back. The downside is the time the money spends out of the market and whatever fees are charged to take the loan, probably $150 max if that. Make sure the respective plans allow for lump-sum repayments at any time and you should be fine from a retirement perspective. Ideally you get the money back in there quickly.
  4. Appreciate you taking one for the team
  5. Makes sense. There were so many passholders in CA, at times they kind of overwhelmed the parks. When they finally reopen it just won't be possible for DL to accommodate them all. My sister and her husband are kinda pissed but they'll get over it.
  6. Last ten minutes or so have been great.
  7. I mean I think so. If things were normal and we had a camp coming up I'd for sure expect him to get a call
  8. please continue posting the Hoppe highlights here, I don't care what happens I'm not watching Schalke again. We suffered enough
  9. Frankly rural America is dying, and UBI is our best bet to save it.
  10. It seemed like you were presenting a more anecdotal “I know these people” kind of take. I have no idea how it polls anywhere to be honest, but I think that has more to do with how it’s framed and how “new” the idea is than anything else. People who want to work can still work, and they will have more than those who don’t. I don’t think it’s something that people from rural areas will oppose just because. And even if they do at first I betcha they change their mind once it starts.
  11. I strongly disagree with you. I know tons of people from rural areas in red states and I’m not sure where you’re getting this. UBI would be absolutely huge for rural areas where cost of living is low. If it goes to everyone it takes the word deserve out of it. It not some extra benefit that only goes to the worthy - why would anyone care?
  12. You could definitely go 4K if you wanted to with that computer but I think the sweet spot in terms of performance and price point is 2560x1440. You will be able to run just about anything at 100+fps, in some cases way more, and it's going to look amazing. This is my monitor, I don't really have anything to compare it to but I am a big fan. I am interested to hear your thoughts on it after you get a chance to dig in. I have been a console gamer my whole life but got a PC in late 2019 and absolutely love it.
  13. Going to bed at a semi-reasonable time is something I wish I had made a serious effort at years ago. It helps with everything. I haven't been perfect but since this thread (just after Thanksgiving) I've been asleep by midnight most nights, and have saved myself thousands of calories that I would have mindlessly eaten not because I was truly hungry, but just because. I've been underrating sleep my whole life.
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