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  1. It gets so confusing with the Epic account layered on top of whatever console you are using. When my stepson first started playing on ps4 he declined to create an account through Epic, so when he got a PC and he wanted to use that same account we had to go down a rabbit hole to figure it out. If you didn’t create an account through Epic when he first started on the PS4 I think you can fix it.
  2. Ahh okay, makes sense. Not that the stadium they played in last night was particularly nice or anything but I when I googled Arcahaie I was surprised to learn it’s a Haitian club based on that stadium. I take it there isn’t an acceptable stadium in Port-au-Prince either. Do they host national team matches in the DR?
  3. Watched the game in Haiti last night with Cruz Azul and you could pretty much see the humidity
  4. I might go the vpn/mlb.tv route. I really wish we could fast forward to the point where the league distributes the product itself with no local blackouts
  5. Dang, I thought we could get the Royals on Hulu live or sling - I take it that’s no longer the case?
  6. His game on Monday against the Pacers was one of the best of his career, which is saying something. if he can just be a mediocre shooter rather than downright awful he’s still incredibly valuable and can be an all-NBA type of player (3rd team still counts) He’s a lot more fun when he’s not on your team though, that’s for damn sure
  7. I put that there solely for you and TLAYB - I wanted to go with RSL but it’s no fun if I can’t provoke anybody
  8. Oh man I feel bad even talking about a WC roster, may delete that post. Let’s qualify first, ha.
  9. I don’t know Yueill’s game all that well - he’d never play over Weston or Adams, right? I’m trying to see the scenario where he’d be more valuable off the bench than Aaronson, especially in a World Cup where we’re going to play teams that are better than us.
  10. Also Westbrook has been absolutely incredible lately and is probably the best basketball player ever
  11. Moses Brown needs to tone it down a couple of notches. Gonna screw up the rebuild timeline
  12. So nothing criminal on Tiger's part, right?
  13. The group is pretty bad, they'll still make it. I'd get rid of Low now though, no need to keep him on through the EURO imo. Any chance some Eastern European gambling syndicate got to Werner? So bad.
  14. Would love to see everyone’s answer to this question. CCL win for MLS for me and it’s not even remotely close, even if it was some garbage team like Philly.
  15. I know the horse is dead but I’ll add that I just can’t get too worked up over the Olympics thing. I was more concerned about how Pulisic would look and if you had given me a choice between him having two crappy games and qualification vs what happened I’m good keeping it as is. The way the qualification is done is prone to randomness anyhow, and men’s Olympic soccer does not matter. I thought Twellman’s point re: Germany/Brazil being the finalists in 2016 was especially dumb. I used to think very highly of Kreis when he was with RSL and thought he’d coach the senior team at some point b
  16. Seriously Tucker Carlson came back from break and said it was one of the weirdest interviews he’s ever conducted https://twitter.com/atrupar/status/1377058008874807300?s=21
  17. Tucker Carlson interview he gave tonight was nuts. The guy is finished
  18. I was super impressed by Dotson, thought he was probably our best outfield player
  19. Dike was playing high school soccer three years ago. Unbelievable.
  20. Tried to watch Dortmund this morning but we landed on Cars 2 for the 50th time. Please send help
  21. I read earlier that when Jerry Garcia died Rush called him a deadbeat and said he was just another dead doper. I also read he used to have a segment called “AIDS update” where he’d talk about gay men who had recently passed from the disease. Anyone know if that stuff is true?
  22. A loan from a 401k or 403b won't be taxable, provided you pay it back. The downside is the time the money spends out of the market and whatever fees are charged to take the loan, probably $150 max if that. Make sure the respective plans allow for lump-sum repayments at any time and you should be fine from a retirement perspective. Ideally you get the money back in there quickly.
  23. Appreciate you taking one for the team
  24. Makes sense. There were so many passholders in CA, at times they kind of overwhelmed the parks. When they finally reopen it just won't be possible for DL to accommodate them all. My sister and her husband are kinda pissed but they'll get over it.
  25. Last ten minutes or so have been great.
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