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  1. Amazing how the Braves lost Acuna and are now in the position they are. The team has grit. Not sure I see them losing to anyone at this point.
  2. Was the notebook in a waterproof backpack or something? Trying to figure out a headline I read that a notebook that was found led to murder charges.
  3. My gut tells me the Braves could surprise in this series. I think if Austin Riley shows up offensively, like he can, it’s on. BTW I’ve got tix to all 4 games at Truist, trying to sell tomorrow’s in section 42 if you know anyone that wants to avoid stubhub fees 😀.
  4. Cards confidence is extremely high, they’re extremely hot, and I look for Bader and O’Neill to be the difference makers leading to a Cards win.
  5. Unless you want to deal with this and much more on the regular, I’d pass: Good day! I hope this email finds you well. This is (name removed) from Renters Warehouse. I am reaching out to advice that your tenant has applied for rent assistance with SAFHR to cover 3 months' worth of forward rent which will cover November through January 2022's rent. I need your approval to fill out the landlord recommendation case form on the tenant's behalf. Should you agree to participate in this program, we will not be allowed to submit an eviction case against the tenant. Let me know if this works for you. Also, if you agree, please send me any of the following as the rent assistance program may need it: Copy of the deed Proof of property tax payments Proof of property insurance Should you have further questions or rent collections concern, please feel free to let me know. Regards,
  6. I’d go big thick burgers with thick bacon and an assortment of toppings and fries or craft potato chips.
  7. Surprised NFA is #1 in GA. I live very close to it, and had it once and haven’t been back. Village Burger, a stones throw away, is better IMO.
  8. From a hotel perspective, we stayed at the JW Marriott last weekend driving through from Atlanta to IL. The pool was super nice and the food in the hotel (room service) was amazing. Some thongs at the pool as well, which was interesting. They had at least one restaurant at the top of the hotel, but didn’t seem kid friendly so we passed. The Westin, which we could see from the pool area, looked to have a pretty nice outdoor pool/bar area. Their pool butted up against the edge of the building, and we could see people swimming in it several stories up from us.
  9. Joined Dunwoody Country Club recently.
  10. Ended up in Dunwoody, loving it so far. ✌️ can’t believe how densely populated the area is, wow!
  11. Anyone in on AEYE? It was just getting pumped rather strongly on squawk box.
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