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  1. Anyone in on AEYE? It was just getting pumped rather strongly on squawk box.
  2. I remember the stock threads from like 2009-2010 when I had 100 Amazon shares at around $100 and I was hugely bullish. I think a fellow St. Louisan at the time was short. Damn, that was fun.
  3. As a recovering insomniac, a few things were life changing for me: almost daily exercise, reading “how to stop worrying and start living” and practicing methods from the book, periodic meditation, prayer, and practicing living in the moment (read “how to train a wild elephant.”
  4. My brother and his family lived there for 4-5 years, near wedgewood country club. Half the neighborhood was in Dublin, half in Powell. They loved the area. I visited several times and enjoyed it too. Not sure I can add anything more than that, however. Good luck!
  5. matuski knows things

  6. 5 for posting the greatest video in the history of videos. Go Illini!

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