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  1. All well and good but Gollum in his mountain chalet is the only one that has any bitcoin. Us commoners own plenty of Linda though
  2. I want the rights to the CYDY documentary. Honestly there is enough material in this forum to put together something that might actually be entertaining
  3. I'm not sure we actually own any bitcoin, looks like a lot of deepbrainchain, linda, dragonchain and other altcoins that are worth fractions of a penny
  4. We are in an extremely dangerous moment and we don't have a leader we can trust. I can't see this ending well, going to get worse before it gets better unfortunately. Legitimately concerned how much worse its going to get.
  5. Take a wild guess. You seem to think the police/military can do whatever they deem necessary.
  6. They just incited a peaceful protest which will soon bring in the violent elements across a bunch of cities, so not good
  7. Trump is a gascan on a fire. Don't want to hear his message
  8. Currently feels like nothing can stop the momentum. Anytime there is uncertainty, the market doesn't tend to like it so normally I would expect a negative reaction to the protests/rioting and would have predicted a decline today. Still feel like an overall decline is coming but I've felt that way for over six weeks now so certainly been wrong on the timing at least.
  9. Just want to say thanks to @Chet for letting us know about Cytodyn. Have a decent sized position but thinking of reducing it significantly. I know HIV and perhaps Cancer are the longer goals but not sure I want to be tied up waiting that long. Was hoping for more of a pop for Covid but getting more wary that it may not happen. What I don't like is that they are so off on timelines and seem overly optimistic. It makes me wonder if the optimism is not completely misplaced and is just a tool for pumping. Still no peer review for Patterson, the trials that were started at Novant have not filled, if this is a Covid miss, it's probably going to retreat even though they still have a future. This will probably be good for all the longs if I sell though, not gonna be surprised if we do get the news we want, just weighing the risk reward right now.
  10. Didn't think it was that political at all given the context, it was a pretty neutral email. Have a hard time understanding why anyone would be offended by what was said, although I'm sure some were. Think you did the right thing if that's how you were feeling.
  11. Can't stand either of these guys. Kernan is the worst though. Glad to see they went at it, would have liked to have caught that one but honestly I can't watch their show anymore because neither of them are likeable.
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