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  1. I guess yesterday was the shark jumping moment for the diehards? For the 3-4 people left in the camp, is your hatred for the rest of the country that strong that you can't see that you backed the wrong horse.
  2. Was really looking to the US Open at Winged Foot, which seems in serious jeopardy right now.
  3. It's hard to root for Bryson. Have to weigh my not liking him vs including him in lineups. This week it looks like I made a bad decision. I knew to put him in but only dislike kept him out.
  4. Ha, I don't know what you are talking about here. If you were to find such a thing though, let me know and we can hit the Portland circuit.
  5. We're on, cowboy. Enjoy that Harden start. Should be AT LEAST 3 more like it.

  6. please get fatguy the good stuff

  7. I have no comment.

    For once.

  8. The least you can do is leave a comment.

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