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  1. Tim, regarding Dr. Seuss....what do you think of this articles views on Seuss Dr Seuss
  2. This is silly, everyone knows the left has all the experts.
  3. I guess I’ve been asleep but is there now debate if we should have broad mandates to wear masks during flu season going forward? That seems...absurd?
  4. Probably the same people as these experts. Critics are condemning a decision to no longer publish six Dr. Seuss books, but experts say a reckoning with his racist works is long overdue. Experts
  5. Have the networks added the Hate Monger role yet? Seems like an opportunity here, lots of 'em on TV
  6. I watch zero televised news. Just want to make sure, she said these things...and is still employed?
  7. I was replying to your sigh...which seemed to be a "denial" of my statement. Hench the denial quote. I wasn't replying to your request to provide evidence that authorities believe all whites are racists, because you hadn't yet asked. Yah, the bolded is snarky but you have 43,000 posts and I'm gonna guess a majority of them are in the PSF. This stuff interests you. Odd to have to do the work to prove evidence of things that have already been discussed in this forum. Whatever, back to work, have a great weekend.
  8. 1. Race authority, if you're going to use quotes should at least get the quote right. Here's his wiki bio, you can argue with yourself if that suffices as an authority. Ibram X. Kendi - Wikipedia 2. Where did I say in my post that he claimed all white people are racist? It was a quote about denying your racism. But, here's a quote for you from another authority on that point. Here's her bio Robin DiAngelo 3. Where did I say in my post that he claimed all white people are white supremacists. Will revert to #2 above and allow you to do further resear
  9. Stop denying it KP!! Ibram X. Kendi on Twitter: "The heartbeat of racism is denial. And too often, the more powerful the racism, the more powerful the denial." / Twitter https://twitter.com/DrIbram/status/1367473187131449350?s=20
  10. Discussion really needs to broken up. Are you doing it to settle past crimes. Are you doing it to close a wealth gap. You can do it for both reasons but it is counterproductive to mix the reasonings. The US is full of white supremacists and all white people are racists (thats what I read from leading race authorities). This racism is what keeps black people down. It is pervasive in policing, lending, hiring, everything. Its is imbedded in the entire system. How would a check solve that? Is there a system racism annuity that needs to be created?
  11. So thought discrimination you support but race, religion and gender discrimination you do not?
  12. Do you want companies to discriminate based on race/religion/sex?
  13. Ah, so as long as the stereotype has underlying data to support it that’s ok? What if the old man was wearing a kippah?
  14. You seem pretty knowledgeable and experienced, why don’t you give it a try to describe the conversation. There is no penalty, it’s not a job interview.
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