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  1. Not sure I’d put Woody Allen in with cancel culture, I mean if he’s accused of child abuse (true or not) that’s not the same as being canceled for thinking trans men shouldn’t compete in women’s sports. One is potentially a real crime, the other is a thought crime.
  2. https://twitter.com/patagonia/status/1364969688451670020?s=20 Now I'm a white supremacist for driving and heating my house with fossil fuels. Being woked by a company that sells clothes most minorities can't afford...lol They are smart, going on the offensive before being put on the defensive for having a racist product.
  3. Thinking about team red a bit...they probably are not doing in depth analysis on the representativeness of congress. I'm guess they know what they see, primarily through media.
  4. Not really focusing on dr seuss, more on the thought process that cancel culture outcomes (people not speaking, people not writing, people editing past content) without picket lines or mobs is evidence that cancel culture is not driving those outcomes. People are smart enough to not anger the mob after seeing others get punched in the face.
  5. I think the Seuss thing is getting way more attention than warranted. That said, your point only serves to highlight the impact of the "culture". When people are afraid to speak or write things or leave things written for fear of the mob...that is not evidence that cancel culture does not exist, it is evidence of how insidious it is.
  6. I live in Georgia, I think mask mandates are decided at county level. My county does not have one. Everyone I encounter in enclosed areas, other than restaurants, wears a mask. Might be different in "redder" areas, but just wanted to provide some hope to folks in deep blue thinking the rest of the country that a mask mandate means nobody or most don't wear masks when appropriate.
  7. 😂 https://twitter.com/BainAlerts/status/1366829779782144001?s=20
  8. We don't like wokeness near or far, we don't like wokeness from your bourgeois oof...
  9. Agree, it’s red/blue because everything is and it sucks.
  10. Would seem like anybody not good with going mask less should stay away from bars...period. On your first point I see where business can be put in an awkward position.
  11. Are people really freaking out here about Mr Potato Head? That seems like an exaggeration. Is any comment on anything a "freak out"
  12. I'm amazed at my good fortune in not running into so many #######s. I was starting to think they only existed on the internet. The mask thing. I still wear a mask. I prefer others in close contact do also. Its debatable to me whether at this point or not the government should be requiring it...but again I thought businesses would still generally require it (at their discretion) and that most people would wear it.
  13. No it where liberals come in and wonder why all police interactions can't work just like Barney Fife's.
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