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  1. It kinda looked like he was having a bowel movement
  2. Has Tom Hanks ever mocked someone for accidentally shooting a person?
  3. I feel terrible for the victim. Alec Baldwin is a mean spirited bully, who has committed the same fault that he, as evidenced above, piled on other people for. I mean he's an ####### and he embodies twitter. I feel as bad for him as when the bully goes to kick the little kid and falls down hurting himself. I wince for a minute and shake my head at the loser.
  4. I need to stop liking Ivan's posts, people going to think I'm an alias
  5. Right handed privilege Blue eye privilege next?
  6. Great post, particularly the bolded.
  7. I read about the bakery case a while ago, another head shaker. These people are our future leaders 🤣 .... 😬😢
  8. Oberlin Madness I read this letter and other than thinking the kid needed some parental guidance (from someone other than a helicopter mom and whatever-you-want dad) and probably a few good ### kickings while growing up ...I wasn't surprised at all by the contents. We are raising a generation of people that can't fight (I don't mean with fists) their way out of a paper bag.
  9. I'm ok with being called a nativist, but if we're being fair folks supporting illegal immigration should be called invasionist
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