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  1. You know, I never really understood why there were college majors in political science. I guess it shouldn't be surprising that science is now politics. 😉
  2. It's amazing to me how you feel like you have exhausted all good shows and then you learn of something like Mr. Inbetween that has three seasons and is fantastic. Great recommendation team FFA!
  3. Wouldn't the better question be if the marbles 10 additional marbles are going to be taken away? Adding more marbles only would accelerate the marbles/candy. Depends I guess on what you think is driving the marble increase...covid checks or Fed printing (I know, related). It's all staying in the money supply, but yes the checks may eventually stop.
  4. I don't bookmark a lot of FBG posts, but filing this one away 👍
  5. True, but then we'll have to hear for the next decade how the country is genderist because there have been no women or nonbinary award winners. They should just make a bunch of micro categories, everyone gets a trophy. I would win the trophy for worst performance at pretending they give a #### about the award shows.
  6. Can I give this a half thumbs up. A knuckle maybe? I completely understand the disdain for our media. Media, politicians, government agencies (anything run by humans)...I put them in the same boat. Some good, some bad, some trash. Know the biases and motivations of your sources and adjust accordingly. I wouldn't say trust but verify...more like benefit of the doubt and verify. I intuitively don't care if its Fox, CNN, NYT, BBC, Trump, Biden, FDA, CDC....but yes outlets like Fox and CNN have proven themselves to me more trash than just bad or biased, I try to avoid them.
  7. Yes, I had heard this and experienced it myself after the 2nd shot. I was not aware it was as widespread as 1/4 of the population not just sore or headachy but full blown flu symptoms.
  8. Agree completely, the chart goes the right direction to provide valuable insight, but is incomplete. I would also say that it does not capture other potential vaccination risks besides myocarditis. If I were to guess overall if all data was tabulated in aggregate 1 dose makes sense, 2 a coin toss. Given all the discussion now about a 3rd shot, is a potential path to stretch out the timing for a 2nd...for kids?
  9. Couple reasons 1. I have seen nothing in the information that the CDC promotes to expect anything that significant across that large of a population. Example: CDC. Seem odd to not say there is a very high likelihood that you may not be able to perform daily activities the next day, no? So to learn that, after not more proactive disclosure...is not very confidence building. As an aside, my wife was out of commission for a few days after dose 1. 2. Unable to perform activities the following day is a meaningful observation, across nearly 25% of the population. It's hard to argue that the vaccine does not have adverse effects. It would be a logical preceding finding to the suspicion that there could be more serious outcomes across a smaller population. Again, I think the BBC article is incomplete, but would support that notion particularly vis a vis the benefits.
  10. Thanks for this, couple of things I found that I think are helpful This Page has some specific reporting on findings within the 12-17yr population. It references v-safe, which looks like its more of a targeted tool to track outcomes after vaccination (think its still self reported though). Overall the data supports the fact that the vaccine is statistically very safe for individuals in this age group (not new news and technically covid is safe for this age group as well). I did find this somewhat alarming: Nearly one quarter of adolescents in both age groups reported they were unable to perform normal daily activities the day after dose 2. I also found THIS BBC article, which is so far the closest I have found to what I have been asking for....some level of a side by side comparison. Interesting that I have to go to the UK to get it. Its pretty basic and I'd like some more background on the data and completeness...but an helpful comparison. Between this chart and the datapoint above it would seem that 1 vaccine shot makes statistical sense. 2 not so much. Thoughts?
  11. This really helps bring to life the "What does it mean to be American / Do you value American lives more" discussion. Throw in capitalism too. What's the Venezuelan lives saved to American lives saved equilibrium point?
  12. OK. I actually agree with you. It's probably not a great parallel but I see some between mandatory vaccinations and anti-discrimination laws. In general I oppose laws that unnecessarily get in the way of business and private citizens doing what they want to do and making their own decisions. Unnecessarily of course being the key word as there will always be undesirable outcomes but at what point does government intervention become required. So for example I am not a proponent of the government requiring vaccination, at this time. I wish everyone did get vaccinated, it's the right thing to do. But people who want to be safe from covid can vaccinate, wear a mask, social distance, etc. The threat to these people does not warrant forcing medical procedures or pharmaceuticals on others....imo. I am not a proponent of the government telling businesses or individuals who they can do business with, at this time. I wish everyone did not discriminate, its the right thing not to do. I think anti-discrimination laws were necessary in the past as we had a pandemic of discrimination. I think at this point the emergency is over and government intervention is not required. I don't think its realistic that laws like this will ever be removed...but its how I think about it. I do think certain anti-discrimination laws should stay in place, for example around financial services. I think the government has a role, there are no absolutes, but the bar for me is high.
  13. Doesn't that fly in the face of the Civil Rights Act The Federal Civil Rights Act mandates “full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, and accommodations of any place of public accommodation, without discrimination or segregation on the ground of race, color, religion, or national origin.” Restaurants and stores qualify as “public accommodations” even if they’re a private business. As such, discrimination laws apply just as much on private property and to private businesses as they do in any public place.
  14. Haha, you guys are like the Hart brothers wrestling tag team on this topic. I don’t know vaccine equity was part of the undercurrent why not yet approved.
  15. So I'm confused, I thought ya'll didn't have unvaxxed friends. You are friends with villains?
  16. YOU MUST BE VERY AFRAID!!! Headline: Parenting a child under 12 in the age of delta: ‘It’s like a fire alarm every day’ Really, I have a child under 12, outside of the poor kid having to wear a mask all day its pretty normal. Fear sells.
  17. Do you guys know if there is a "strictly medical professional reported" tracking mechanism...sounds like a good idea. I assume there's something and that's how the FDA/CDC decides what to investigate more deeply...would be interested in the data.
  18. I know, it simultaneously makes sense and is kind of crazy. Its akin to having a rape hotline and saying that its not that you can't use the calls coming into the hotline but that there are so many prank calls and abuse of the line that we can't do much with it right now. Its like...ugh
  19. Yes, agree with that. And I know that there are lots of different people that frankly lets just say are "too belligerent" in terms of looking for things that aren't there or running with half facts. And I think that pervades some of the perspectives of people on the opposite side. Just kind of bugs me when folks run around like this is settled case law when there are some really big unknowns (like dismissing the VAERS as next to unusable).
  20. Thanks Commish. Yes I don't expect the CDC to say the vaccine caused a VAER unless they can show that for certain. What I don't understand is the lack of challenging or acceptance of the inverse, that the CDC can't say the vaccine didn't cause the VAER either. So VAERs seems to be tossed out as datapoints worth examining based on part 1 of the above. Lacking a case by case examination of the 14,000 VAERS, which I understand is a hurdle, what would seem to be a very reasonable comparison is the VAERS data compared to some normal distribution of adverse events without vaccination and plainly see how they stack up and if any statistical significance. Maybe this exists and I haven't seen it. Maybe it exists but its in the CDC mainframe and can't be illustrated in a way my feeble mind can understand. Maybe it can't be done, I'm open to that but I'd be interested why.
  21. I'd really like to see a side by side of vaccine outcomes vs covid outcomes by age and comorbidity. Groupings of minor, serious, very serious, death. What I personally can't reconcile is the vaers information where the standard blurb I see on the CDC website is that "just because these happened doesn't mean it was from the vaccine". Thats cool, I get it, but they are not saying they didn't happen because of the vaccine either which would be the proper way to answer the question in the affirmative. In some instances I've seen data on the CDC site where some adverse effects observed are outside the norm (albeit in small quantities). I'm not expecting perfection, but it just all feels very incomplete imo. I'm vaccinated. I'm not looking to confirm a belief as much as inform my understanding. It appears this is frowned upon in the PSF, usually when we talk about data and studies and how they are piling up I say something like I'd like to see what I outlined above and then we revert to "trust the experts". Not really looking to start an argument, but if any of ya'll have a real side by side like described above would love to see. Please don't link to something with incomplete data, I've seen it.
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