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  1. I suppose I have a different view and just kept thinking I'm glad the Weekend is over.
  2. I think this will be the first time I've only watched one half of the superbowl. Egregious.
  3. Welcome to the NFL, brought to you by The Tom Brady foundation for the advancement of Tom Brady.
  4. To be clear, are you looking for a QB who can stay healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables? Or a healthy QB who can play in a productive fashion. Asking for a friend.
  5. With the 70th pick of the 2012 NFL draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select Bryan Anger, Punter. Seahawks with the 75th pick: We'll take that short quarterback.
  6. Some day that Wilson kid is going to make a name for himself.
  7. I love Larry, but that was a whole lot of offensive PI.
  8. So how soon does he leave after he hears Hernandez is no longer with the team?
  9. I agree with this. I've got Matt Ryan, Brees and Brady in that pile along with guys like Ingram, Ginn Burkhead, Amendola, Sanu and others. My Jag guys stink though. Come on Josh Lambo!
  10. I've also got three Jags. I was just sizing up my possible super bowl team if Atlanta and/or New Orleans advance this week.
  11. I've got 5 Pats, 4 Falcons and 4 Saints. I really need at least one NFC road win this weekend.
  12. RG3 is a tremendous athlete. Unfortunately he's not a very good QB. I wish him the best but I think this experiment is going to crash and burn.
  13. I'd doubt it. The free first week is broadcast to current DTV subscribers. With the Roku app you need to sign in with an account that is created when you sign up for it.
  14. They list the new Samsung smart TVs so I'm hoping they launch the app soon They also have a Roku channel now and it's available for install, but login isn't live yet. Here is the full list of devices (not phones or tablets) they have on their website: Connected Devices XBox One XBox 360 Apple TV (tvOS 4th generation only) Google Chromecast PlayStation®3 PlayStation®4 Roku 4 Roku 3 Roku 2 Roku 1 (2nd generation and above) Roku Streaming Stick Roku TV Amazon Fire TV Amazon Fire TV Stick Samsung Smart TV (Tizen OS only, 2015+) Android TV Apple Watch [no live games]
  15. Question regarding the Sunday Ticket streaming option. I see that it's supported on new Samsung TVs with the Tizen OS but I don't see the app available from Samsung yet. Am I just searching for the wrong thing or is it not available as of yet?
  16. So what's the over/under on completion percentage tonight? 53%? 7/13 ish?
  17. He didn't look decent. He is locking onto receivers as soon as the ball is hiked. He is throwing the ball at feet or 10 feet above heads. He looks awesome without pads on, not so much when there is real pressure. If Pryor didn't make a diving catch, he would have been 3/8 for 18 yards and pick. Oh, he also fumbled. Not a fan.
  18. I'm guessing that QB leadership has been a rare commodity in Cleveland.
  19. Can you tell me your top 5 jobs that pay over $100k that would be cool with staff smoking weed.
  20. NFL: Hi new player. Welcome to the NFL. You are welcome to play here as long as you don't press that red button. New Player: Thanks. **Presses red button** NFL: Sorry, you can't play now. NFL FANS: BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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