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  1. Can you please explain how this does not warrant impeachment? It's very clear that the president is asking a foreign goverment leader for assistance in investigating a political opponent. The House won't be lost over this IMO. I think the only people that will stick with Trump after this are his base, and that won't be enough to take the House. His base is all that he has left. How can independents and moderates support him after this?
  2. Do you remember every party you attended where there was a ruckus in another room?
  3. It's not about making up for the ~$10m that he might give up this year. Each game that he misses also reduces his injury risk this year. If he tears his ACL this year he's not going to get close to $30m or $40m guaranteed. He needs to get to his big contract unscathed.
  4. Any fan of the Twilight Zone gets 5 stars!

  5. Interesting. Putting it in the Meth is an intriguing idea if it works What's the motive there? Killin' Nazis. I think someone brought up this theory in the thread, of poisoning the batch to kill the cooks. Do we even know if ricin can be ingested via the air? Who's the local ricin expert? Vince Gilligan was a guest on one of the early Talking Bad episodes this season, and a caller asked him "How many people could be killed with the ricin?" He said that maybe two or three people could be killed if it was dosed correctly.
  6. I have a 2H Axe that you can have:Phys 211-349Elemental 12-241.07 atks/sec97% increased physAdds 13-30 phys+18 DexAdds 12-24 fire7% inc atk speed+5 Life when killRequires level 58, 151 Str, 43 DexNice - what sockets?2 red linked sockets - Whisper me in game if you want it, I'm Garmos
  7. I have a 2H Axe that you can have:Phys 211-349Elemental 12-241.07 atks/sec97% increased physAdds 13-30 phys+18 DexAdds 12-24 fire7% inc atk speed+5 Life when killRequires level 58, 151 Str, 43 Dex
  8. Are you looking for 1 or 2 handers? I have a level 65 Templar farming Catacombs, and I'll watch for something you might want.
  9. I like Raise Zombie better as a meat shield, paired with Minion Life support gem. You get 3 zombies vs 1 spectre without passive improvements.
  10. I'm willing to sell my stuff very cheap to help a fellow FBG. I have a level 62 character, so I'm mostly posting stuff for level 50+ characters.
  11. This thread is killing me. First, you ladies getting your panties in a bunch b/c of spoilers and then #### like this Btw, anyone jumping aboard the Gomez is a mole train? he's just there to monitor Hank.A few of people in this thread think Gomes is the mole, myself includedI'm on board with that as well.Not following along this year in this thread as I don't watch the episode until almost a week later but man I was hoping Skylar would stay at the bottom of the pool. I know it's part of the whole story line but man is she just annoying the hell out of me this season. Needs to go.I think its the best theory/prediction I've seen.We're supposed to think it's Gomez, but I'm going with the guy who just promoted Hank.And the Skyler story line is not only great, but absolutely essential to the show. It's funny how many people around here want to see unsympathetic or unlikeable/annoying characters killed off. They can be among the most fun characters. Marie is annoying as hell, and she is one of my favorites. :purple:I just can't see that. The guy who promoted Hank would not have intimate knowledge of the case. Gomez would know that they are going to bust somebody at Madrigals, Gomez would then tip off Mike, who would tip off Lydia. The guy who promoted Hank is way up the food chain.He may be dirty, but I still think Gomes is the moleI can't see Gomez being a mole. Gomez investigated the industrial laundry location for Hank, and tricked the employees into letting him search it without a warrant. He also took at least one picture of the fake machine hiding the door to the lab.
  12. That's why most of them don't want to leave the farm. They feel safe and secure there. It's likely just a matter of time before that idea goes to hell. At some point, walkers, Randall's buddies or both need to invade the place. It makes sense dramatically if nothing else. You can't create an unsafe world and then find a place that's going to remain completely safe. Last night's walker attacking Dale was almost certainly a foreshadowing to more headed their way.There was a reference to the cows breaking down a part of the fence, if I'm recalling right. Herschel was herding the Steer back..Here's my beef with this episode: if it's going to be a "lean winter" and better rationing is needed, why doesn't every able-bodied person on the farm help the old man find his dozen cattle? That's a lot of hamburgers on the loose.
  13. This guy knows his squirrel warfare

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