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  1. I have plenty of #1 pick busts to chose from. Like I said, I have lots of research to do.
  2. I'm not prepared for this. Like, AT ALL. But I'm picking all Clippers so I'll go ahead and take last place.
  3. I can be your 16th team to round it out. I was kinda waiting in case any of the drafters were on my ignore list... 😜
  4. I don't think downplaying this pandemic and it's death toll for the sake of #ditchthemask and individual freedoms is the way to go. Neither is misrepresenting the safety practices of Eastern Asian countries. We also don't know how long the vaccine will be effective for. So to turn the page as if it'll all over is selfish and irresponsible; it's as if some people haven't learned anything in the past year.
  5. People aren't really only drafting players from those teams, are they? How many drafters are you looking for?
  6. Yeah, I think it goes hand in hand. If you don't have symptoms such as coughing and sneezing, those forms of airborne transmission is reduced. Good either way. For me, this'll officially be over when I can hop on a cruise to Alaska.
  7. They do this in plenty of other countries before covid. Not surprisingly, those countries have a much better handle on things once covid hit because it wasn't a huge change. Their citizens also weren't spreading stuff like #ditchthemask because they've known for years that masks work. The misinformation in this thread is awful and harmful.
  8. I'm in Los Angeles, and there were people of all ages at Cal State LA today. Check https://myturn.ca.gov/ to see if you're eligible. I was going to wait for Kaiser to get their larger portion of doses, but decided to get the shot ASAP.
  9. He took easy way out. But knowing what he'd be facing in prison, I think 99/100 people would do the same.
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