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  1. Get a dog. When my son broke his leg a few years ago, we had just happened to have brought a black Lab puppy into the family. That dog has become the best trained dog due to all the time/work my son put into him.
  2. I did this twice and couldn’t remember any names for the life of me. First time was a fishing excursion with two brothers near Bucerias. Caught a couple of barracuda and took some back to our place for dinners. Second time was in Panama. Met a guy at the marina and he dropped us off on an island and came back to pick us up a few hours later. Awesome day hanging out on an island by ourselves for an afternoon
  3. You don’t need to go with some fancy tour company for fishing. Just look for a guy with a solid looking boat and a friendly face at the marina. We did this in Panama and was about half the price. Have fun man!
  4. Anyone hear why CRSP seems to be dropping the last few weeks? It hit $200 awhile ago but has steadily decreased since. I thought this was an ARK favorite?
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