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  1. Agreed. Why in the world is he hard counting at the 6 inch line?
  2. I questioned that decision but it paid off. Thought they should have tried a short gainer before the FG try.
  3. Because these fans don’t know any better. Carr even motioned to the crowd to shut up.
  4. I’m trying to find some positives to go with all of my grumbling about wasted draft picks tonight.
  5. Exactly. Throw in the occasional KJ blitz up the middle and this may become a strength this season.
  6. Raiders getting some decent pressure. I’m optimistic they will get a lot more sacks against a less slippery QB.
  7. My thinking exactly. I also own a lot of Van Jefferson shares. Although I’m rooting for him, I’m not sure if he’ll ever amount to much. This deal also helps me thin out my roster to pick up a Defence and Kicker before week 1.
  8. After sending out eight offers that included Stevenson, with five not being responded to at all and timed out, one finally got accepted ... Gave: Stevenson, V. Jefferson Got: OBJ Im hopeful OBJ has another big season in him and I needed some WR depth on this squad.
  9. I’m in the ‘zero faith in NE backfield’ camp and was hoping Stevenson’s value increased over the summer. I just traded Stevenson and Van Jefferson for OBJ, who I think is going to have a big rebound year.
  10. I was wondering when you might put together the next list. Thanks for doing this, always enjoyable. I suspect Canada will be well represented this year.
  11. 51 and still in the first league I joined way back in 1991. I’m not surprised at the demographics. I got my son (32) into fantasy football and a bunch of his friends are into it too, but I don’t think they would ever spend any time on a message board like this, with the exception of the Stocks thread I put them on to.
  12. The families get the rest of the weekend ... the boys get Monday!
  13. Labour Day going on our 31st year. My only re-draft league.
  14. I work for the Canadian Federal Government. We received an email over the weekend advising that all employees will be required to be double vaccinated. Details to follow. Should make for an interesting week!
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