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  1. Forgot to check this thread to see if anyone would be there last week, we were there from 11/21 until yesterday. Had a great time, report may follow, got some new tricks (at least new to me)
  2. Ahh, the wuffies, they're just the cutest little things...
  3. Stick it in your ear Tiger fans, your boy sucked today.
  4. For a family that spends thousands of dollars and only goes to WDW every few years (if not once in a lifetime), this is $20 well spent.
  5. This is the thread of the year so far... eta: ooops, actually thread of the last two years, sorry
  6. Shelden: "Well, you're right, I don't really have any idea what Jesus is concerned about..."
  7. We've been twice in the last 4 years, once in Sept(2004) & once in January(2008) & I thought the September crowd was much lighter. The locals we talked to in 2004 said it was because of school being back in, which is sort of the theory I used this year, right after Christmas break. The January crowd size wasn't bad, but more than I expected it to be. You'll never see me down there from Feb-Aug.
  8. I found this out the hard way... Really it's not for anyone. IMO this is the worst Disney attraction out there. :lmao:When it was Alien Encounter it was way too scary for kids, but at least it was pretty cool for teens/adults. Now it's just stupid.Yeah, as soon as we walked into that room with the seats all around that thing in the center of the room, I knew we were in the old Alien Encounter & it wasn't going to be good. Our 4 year old made it about 30 secs, once I realized I could raise the shoulder harness myself, I got us out of there.
  9. The basic meal plan is one snack, one counter service (fast food type), and one full dining service (sit down meal) per person, per NIGHT of your stay. Each member of your family gets a card & when they use it, they either charge the item(s) to the room or deduct it from the meal plan. Each family member has access to the whole family's meal plan, they are not locked into one snack/counter/meal per day. To maybe explain better, in January, we didn't eat many snacks & we had 12 snack credits left at the end of the week, so my wife bought 12 candy type treats & put them in the suitcase.It sounds like you'll have 7 in your party, right? So if that's the case, each will have 1 full service meal per night (11, right?), which if my math is correct, would be 77 credits ( Holy Crap ) On day one, if all 7 of you go to a full service restaurant, you'll give them one Key to the Kingdom card from the party & they will deduct 7 credits (each member does not have to give up their card).You can add more full service meals to the plan, but imo, it isn't necessary & costs more $$$. FYI: Tips are no longer included in the meal plan, so at a full service, you either tip cash or to a credit card. I carried extra cash for tips so that it wouldn't confuse the process.Hope that helps, it's much easier to understand once you're there & using it.ETA: Some of the nicer full service restaurants count for 2 credits on the meal plan, so when you start making reservations, make sure you note that.
  10. Double Stroller. We just got back from there Saturday night. The Bibbiti Bobbity was a lot of fun for our two, if you are buying dresses for them, make sure you call ahead & check for sizes, they didn't have the size we needed & our 4 year old only wanted one certain dress. I'm not sure what the UOG says, but if I had one thing that I can't stress enough it's this: Get to that park early & be there when the rope drops. The ONE day I got my wife & girls rolling early, we had 1/2 our MK day done by 11:00am. By 5:00pm, we were debating on whether to stay for the Spectro parade or not because we'd ran out of things to do. When you get there, go straight for Dumbo & ride that first. While waiting, someone needs to sneak over to Peter Pan for Fast Passes. While waiting for that Fast Pass to come open, work your way around FantasyLand. Most of the rides EXCEPT for Peter Pan won't have long waits. After you ride Peter Pan, decide which FastPass ride you want next (you can only hold one at a time) & go get that FP, then work you're way around whatever area of the park you're in. Also, since you have girls, right next to Dumbo is the queue line for the Ariel photo spot. My girls got autographs from each princess & she's the hardest to get to. The time sheet you'll get at the entrance says she opens at 10am, but if you check, she may be there early. We were the first ones to see her last Friday at 9:30am. We walked back by there about a half hour later & the wait was over 30 mins. Quick Hits: The Lilo & Stich ride is not for little kids, I found out the hard way Catch at least one fireworks show If you stay for a Spectro parade, get a seat at the entrance end of Main Street USA, that way you'll be ahead of the mob that leaves when it's over. FastPasses are your friends, use them wisely. EAT LUNCH BETWEEN 11AM & 11:30AM, you'll thank me for that one too. The closer to Noon you try to get in a food place, the longer it's going to take & it's doubtful you'll get a table. If you think about it, let me know how Askerhus is. We chose Cinderellas Royal Table, but I'm hearing Askerhus is better, both for food & characters. We were disappointed with CRT this time. Have a great trip!
  11. We went to the Princess & Pirate party two times last year. We really enjoyed it mainly because Magic Kingdom empties out and you can get on all the rides with little or no wait. Also cool to let the kids dress up and let them do the scavenger (sp) hunt.Thanks. No doubt they'll be dressing up
  12. 10 days away from my 7th trip to WDW, 2nd with our family. Kids were 4 & 1 last time, 7 & 4 now. Last time was really great, even with the kids being as small as they were (I don't agree with some earlier posts in this thread the this is no place for small kids, we had a blast with ours). Got all the dinner reservations made, Bibbity bobbity boo all set up with the Cinderella breakfast right after it. Got the extra tix for the Princess & Pirate party, anyone been to this?
  13. This may be the most elaborate fishing trip ANY board has ever seen...If it's not, it's the best 66 pages of marital advice in history, congrats!
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