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  1. He really does look rough these days. The hair style isn't a great look either.
  2. lol, as Cruz speaks -- CNN raises chyron: "WITH NO EVIDENCE, SEN. TED CRUZ OBJECTS TO AZ ELECTORAL VOTES"
  3. Yeah, I'd like some clarification on that. Why did a direct quote from a rally speaker and subsequent video link of the quote get removed? None of it was off-topic, and I don't see the point in pretending it didn't happen.
  4. Mike Pence ‘has told Trump he cannot overturn election result’
  5. Man, how sad is it that I honestly can't tell if this is a joke or not?
  6. Here's a local news article that links to the livestream of the event and breaks down the notable actions that happened during the roughly hour long happening. Shockingly, there's no "vandalism" or people trying to "knock down doors."
  7. Literally nobody is arguing that...in addition, its pretty insulting to make such false assertions. It's also Olympic level projection, given what Max has been advocating in terms of denying constitutional processes since his guy lost.
  8. I wouldn't make promises like that, personally. You won't, but there's all kinds of bad actors joining you out there.
  9. Frankly, I'm not seeing why a group of people who are actively trying to subvert democracy and install a un-elected authoritarian leader against the constitutional transfer of power should have a safe space to talk in. But that's just my personal take on current matters.
  10. Anthony Warner's girlfriend warned police he was building bombs in his RV in August 2019 Police took the report, went to his house, but he wouldn't open the door to talk to them. They closed the case as "unfounded" and forwarded the info the FBI, who had no files on Warner. Top notch police work there fellas.
  11. It actually is a proven method of attack that works: Metcalf sniper attack In April 2013, a small team of people cut fiber optic lines in the area, then coordinated an attack with rifles on 17 electrical transformers over 20 minutes before disappearing without a trace. The shooters didn't leave fingerprints on shell casings, coordinated the start and stop of the attack with flashlight signals, and marked pre-scouted firing positions in the hills. While power in the area was quickly re-routed through other stations, repairs cost $15 million and took weeks to complete. Get a few small
  12. Yeah, an AT&T infrastructure building was right next to the explosion. the Nashville subreddit is full of people asking if everyone's AT&T is down.
  13. Feels eerily similar to IRA tactics during The Troubles to me. The IRA would leave vehicle bombs and then call in a warning to evacuate.
  14. So police figured out the trap and tried to warn others to get out maybe? This local article has quotes claiming the audio recording was not the police, and that it was coming from the RV.
  15. Video that has some of a recorded message to evacuate and then the explosion. I'm betting the witness reports of a "recorded warning" was the one in this video, which locals say sounds like the same voice that the police use for loudspeaker warnings.
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