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  1. Yeah, I think if IDP scoring were a little higher for Zealots leagues it would be a little less outside the norm. You usually see the best IDP players start to go in 2nd round typically.
  2. Speaking of weird first rounds in Zealots -- Michael Carter at 1.05 before Javonte Williams. That's staking your claim, I guess? I really don't get that pick, there's almost no way he was going to be gone at 1.10 on the next pick for that team. But hey, you do you.
  3. That's a lot of QBs that early for a 1QB league (also quite early for LB, IMO)
  4. I love Waldman's effort and I buy the guide almost every year, but, uhh, he and I were both very wrong on Ameer Abdullah. Just to provide a counter example.
  5. I'm probably going to grab him at 1.04 if he's there in one of my Zealots leagues, and I've already got Andrews and Hockenson at TE. I could start all 3 if I needed to, but I'd probably take him just because his value is so crazy high right now and that team needs work. At worst I could trade him for something later (or the others, but Andrews has proven hard to move).
  6. I've got 6 rookie drafts going as of this morning and the only one Pitts has made it past 1.03 was in a SF league where he went 1.05 as the 2nd non-QB player taken. The hype is certainly real.
  7. A couple more Zealots PPR IDP drafts: https://www59.myfantasyleague.com/2021/options?L=44185&O=17 https://www65.myfantasyleague.com/2021/options?L=21514&O=17
  8. 12 team SF PPR started earlier today 4 rounds, my picks starred (I'll come back to update later) Round 1: Trevor Lawrence Najee Harris Trey Lance* Justin Fields Kyle Pitts Ja'Marr Chase Zach Wilson Devonta Smith Travis Etienne* Mac Jones Javonte Williams* Jaylen Waddle Round 2: Trey Sermon Rashod Bateman Rondale Moore Elijah Moore* Terrace Marshall Michael Carter Kadarius Toney* Amon-Ra St. Brown* Dyami Brown* Pat Freiermuth Nico Collins Josh
  9. Just a fair reminder, after 2019 Tyler Higbee finished the last ~6 weeks of the season as PPR dynamite at TE and almost everyone was sure this meant he was going to have a huge 2020 (which we all know he didn't). Obviously different position and everything, but we should probably be a little wary of the fickle nature of McVay and the Ram's offense.
  10. Half PPR hurts AJB a bit, but I'd still probably lean toward him. I'm wary that Waddle will live up to his draft slot and I'm not sold on Akers just yet. I think on paper it is a fair trade, though.
  11. I'd probably go Pitts w/ the TE premium scoring. Keeps me from having to figure out which of the non Lawrence QBs is going to hit.
  12. No thoughts on this one? Caused a bit of a stir in the sleeper league chat, so I was curious what others thought. I thought it was fine, but I'm pretty high on both Lawrence and Chase so I thought the guy did well. His team isn't very good outside of Mahomes.
  13. Personally I'd stick with the 1.03 side, but that probably depends a bit on who was available at 1.03. With Chase or Harris on the board, I'd have kept the 1.03 and taken one of them, but if they were gone I'd probably move down and see what I have at 1.05.
  14. Trade that went down in 12 team Superflex PPR Team A: Mahomes Team B: Trevor Lawrence, Ja'Marr Chase
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