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  1. Carlos Hyde is a healthy scratch for tonight's game against the Bengals. Great news for Robinson. Edit: saw a Twitter report that Hyde's "shoulder wasn't right" so maybe injury related, but I don't think Hyde was on any injury reports leading up to the game.
  2. I thought he looked really slow. That's a TD on that run if Williams carries it instead. The view from behind showed he had an open lane 10 yards wide straight to the endzone but he didn't have the speed to make it happen. You could tell he knew, too, because he started to slow up and look to juke instead of just run into the wide open lane.
  3. Of course after complaining about Jones he then starts doing exactly what I said he wasn't
  4. On the contrary, I think Jones looks pretty bad this game. Feels like half the completions he has required the receiver to be damn near on the ground at the catch point. If you're going to be this conservative in your shots, you can't give the receiver zero chance to make a play after the catch.
  5. Zealots 12 team PPR/IDP big rosters: Team A gets: Kenny Golladay Team B gets: Mark Andrews
  6. Didn't get him with 100% bid, lost on tie breakers. He went for 100% in the other league I did ~50% in as well.
  7. My personal difference was: for one league I have my full 100% bid budget available and given how the league bids, I know I'll most likely need to bid all of it to win. In the other league that's setup the same way, I've got 96% left and not as big of a RB need, so I went for a little over 50% of budget to feel like I'll have a good shot of winning if no one goes the full monty.
  8. I've got a 100% bid in on him for tonight in one dynasty league, and 50 something in another very similar league. Callaway went for 100% to multiple 100% bids before week one, so that's just what it is going to take to get him. 12 team, 25 player rosters with only 10 starters, so the FA pool is always pretty dead. If there's a potential starter on the wire you'd better be prepared to go all out.
  9. I picked him up everywhere last week and even started him in one place as an Evan Engram replacement, but I wouldn't drop Jonnu or Tonyan for him (yet). I think he's the guy over Trautman in terms of fantasy, but the small snap count is definitely concerning. Will be curious to see how it comes out with a less weird game script.
  10. Some guy is petulantly leaving the league because I activated Elijah Mitchell off of his taxi squad for a 2022 2nd and 2022 3rd. He's "not even mad about it" but he "works 14 hour night shifts 7 days a week" so it doesn't make sense for him to be in a league where he "can't use his taxi squad" -- we have a 9 hour window post kick-off for people to promote their own taxi squad players. I posted the claim at 9 hours 15 mins after kickoff, and he tried to activate him 30 hours after kickoff. All of that drama over a guy I'm probably over paying for, lol.
  11. Eyeroll at Murray getting so much work with such a pathetic showing tonight.
  12. Waller would probably be pushing 200 yards without all the drops.
  13. Seems clear that there will still be a "Gus Edwards" role in this offense. Or, at least, they're going to try to make it happen with someone. Right now that someone is Murray, but with how ineffective he has been, maybe that role goes away.
  14. Just as I expected, my "tanking" team is at 181 pts and counting with the highest score in the league in week 1. Starting lineup: QB: Mahomes RB: Ty'Son Williams, Damien Harris WR: Antonio Brown, Devonta Smith FLEX: Jaylen Waddle, Melvin Gordon TE: Juwan Johnson SFLEX: Joe Burrow
  15. So where do all of these reports about Bryan Edwards being the next TO come from when he can't even make the field over Zay Jones?
  16. And rode the pine the entire game afterward, lol
  17. Well, shame on me for benching Swift on the word of NFLN...
  18. Anyone catch who on NFLN said that, so I can know to ignore them? lol
  19. Well, so much for Williams "carrying the load" so far -- he has more rushing yards and 5 carries, but Swift also has 4 carries and 4 targets so far.
  20. Mind boggling if it happens. Just straight idiocy from the Lions but what else should we expect.
  21. Surprise healthy scratch for game 1.
  22. Curtis Samuel placed on IR with groin injury. All systems go for Dyami?
  23. If they ever actually throw a pass to Zeke lining up out wide, I'll eat my hat. So dumb.
  24. Antonio Brown may be a crazy person, but Brady sure likes throwing to him.
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