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  1. Here's a question for you Max -- if Dominion voting machines were "designed to do [election fraud]" -- why has the Elite Strike Force legal team filed no lawsuits in California? California election code requires that all electronic voting machine vendors place copies of their source code, firmware, build and configuration instructions into an "approved third party escrow facility" annually. This is specifically to be used in case of court orders relating to elections. Seems like that'd be an ideal way to present some proof of widespread voter fraud by Dominion, which several California co
  2. For anyone who has ever wondered how authoritarians manage to take power in "modern" democracies, here's your first hand evidence that the USA is not immune. Thankfully it appears that the system is holding, but we've seen more than enough first hand evidence that many modern Republicans would happily ignore democracy if given the chance.
  3. 11 for 182 and TD today for Corey Davis. New career high fantasy game.
  4. You guys will never convince Max to see reason on this. He's all but admitted that already.
  5. Yeah, I'm the rebuilder. RBs are very valuable in this league, so I was afraid I sold too low for what his #'s are, but I've also tried to sell him two years straight and not gotten anything near as close. You can start up to 4 of them and the best ones put up absurd numbers (Henry had 396 as RB3 last year, CMC put up 560 as RB1). I've still got Saquon and traded for JK Dobbins before the season started. It looks like I hit with some later WRs this last draft (Aiyuk in the 2nd, Claypool in the 3rd), so I'm probably going to use all 3 firsts next year on RBs to try to refill the stable if it ma
  6. 12 Team PPR w/ some boosted RB scoring (small points per carry, slightly increased points per rushing yard): Team A (contending) Gets: Derrick Henry Team B (rebuilding) Gets: 2021 1st (likely in 2-5 range), 2021 1st (likely in 9-12 range), Courtland Sutton
  7. When does the ride stop? At what point do you step back and make an honest assessment of "have I been bamboozled"?
  8. For anyone who cares, here's Tucker Carlson saying Sidney Powell doesn't have anything. That they'd been reaching out since Sunday to politely ask to see what she had, and that they would give her as much time as she wanted to show people. She never game them anything, and when his people kept pressing "she got angry and told us to stop contacting her."
  9. Hell, we could go down the list of false things just from the first two parts that brief clip if we wanted. It's basically a roll call of fake social media claims that some of my uncles would share on Facebook (but in this case, given light by GOP politicians and OANN): Smartmatic does not own Dominion Voting Systems (AP) U.S. Army Didn’t Seize Election Servers in Germany Fact check: Story of Army raid to seize election servers in Germany is false If anyone else was wondering how the hell any of this came up in the first place, here's a biased Dailybeast article breaking it down for y
  10. What's your opinion on Sidney Powell calling in to Lou Dobbs and saying that "all of the swing states should appoint their electors to Trump" -- regardless of the election outcome? Does that improve her credibility in your eyes? Why do you have so much faith in this person?
  11. that bar must have been low It's like we're living on two different planes of reality.
  12. We were done with the Dominion thing several days ago. But, as recent history has shown, there's no such thing as "done" when it comes to conspiracy theories. Dominion will continue to be cited by Trump supporters for years to come, just as Uranium One and Long Form Birth Certificate continue(d) to be cited, just as "jet fuel can't melt steel beams" continues to be cited. The Dominion thing also reminds me a lot of ES&S/Diebold stuff from 2004 in Ohio.
  13. So wait, was Sidney Powell's grand evidence of mass vote rigging by Dominion voting machines based on an unsourced statement from someone in Venezuela claiming an entirely unrelated company switched votes in an election in 2013? The evidence is really just "someone said it happened somewhere else, so it definitely has happened here"?
  14. Why would giving Biden national security briefs impact any investigation into foreign interference in the election? Also, Trump received the briefs about Russian interference to help his own election in 2016. Weird thing for a Trump supporter to say re: Biden, honestly.
  15. Secret intelligence exists that ‘would cast Trump in very negative light’, warns ex-FBI chief
  16. I made it all the way to checkout this second time but came up just short -- out of stock while the checkout was processing. For some reason Walmart insists on me confirming my address and 3-digit credit card code before it lets me check out, which wastes precious time. Seems like this should be faster. The Playstation Direct queue is live again, might be worth jumping in. They ran it last night as well but most people ended up getting let in after they were already out of stock (so don't get your hopes up, but maybe?). Nevermind, they already updated the message to indicate t
  17. I tried "camping" all of the online sales spots late last night without success, but I finally got an order in for a PS5 bundle via Costco about a half hour ago. Last I checked they still claimed to have stock (requires a membership).
  18. I could be wrong, but my initial thought (and some quick googling seems to confirm) is absolutely not. You can check that your ballot was received and counted, but there's no way to see what your ballot choices were. In Minnesota for in person voting, I don't see how they'd have any way to. There's no connection between me signing in, signing my slip that I'm me, and the paper ballot I hand in. I imagine mail in ballots are at least somewhat similar.
  19. I got an offer of: Give: Zeke, 2021 2nd Get: Miles Sanders, Michael Gallup decided not to take it.
  20. Highest number of votes for a POTUS candidate of all time. Seems like a genuine good guy. Why wouldn't I believe it? Also running against one of the most unpopular Presidents of all time (polling-wise). Can't discount the "he's not Trump" vote.
  21. I do think it's closer than some of the others who responded, but I enjoyed the little ego inflating -- Keenan Allen is a weird one for me because he never gets the respect I think he deserves based on his consistency and track record. Dude's been a rock solid WR1 for the last several years in PPR and the new kid at QB stepped right in and continued to feed him without issue. I'm pretty sure he also just signed a contract extension. I agree he's got several more useful years left. I'm trying to trade for him in other leagues where I'm WR needy and contending.
  22. Yeah, I'm Team B and I'm rebuilding. It'll be a late 2021 1st, but I was surprised Team A accepted immediately. Thought I was asking too much.
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