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  1. Well, here we go I guess. Time to see how well our institutions hold up (the track record isn't great, IMO).
  2. 12 Team PPR Superflex: Team A gets: Keenan Allen Team B gets: Tee Higgins, 2021 1st
  3. Just read that McConnell refused to agree that Biden is the winner on the Senate floor and basically defended Trump's lawsuits, etc. How long do we expect GOP leaders to entertain this for? Are they going to hold on until Dec. 8th (or whenever the results are certified by governors)?
  4. Probably something to learn from the past here where a lot of those deep red areas with farmers/working class white people used to be a key part of the New Deal coalition (the thing Democrats will forever chase -- and likely never fully achieve again).
  5. What a weird microcosm of this moment to see videos of crowds cheering as USPS trucks drive by and go about their day.
  6. A beautiful 74 degrees in Minneapolis today. It's snowing on Tuesday.
  7. We'll be loud, but when have we ever gotten what we want? I wouldn't worry too much.
  8. I get what you're going for, but literally they'd be showing an empty sidewalk. I just don't know what that does for anyone.
  9. Why would a news network send a camera crew/reporter to a town of 10,000 where there probably isn't even anyone on the street?
  10. Frankly this has been my default mode for awhile now.
  11. Ossoff lost by about 93k (as of now) while the other guy "won" the initial vote but only by a small amount (and if the GOP candidates didn't split most of their vote, it wouldn't have gone to a runoff). Barring some massive vote increases for the Democratic candidates, I just don't see them pulling it off. There's about to be a ridiculous amount of money poured into Georgia regardless, though.
  12. I'm as hopeful as they come as a Dem, but I'd have to think the chance of them winning both runoffs is incredibly small. Like 1%. Frankly I'll be surprised if they win either. There's certainly a chance I'll be way wrong on that given the (to my knowledge) unprecedented nature of what's at stake, but I'm suitably pessimistic right now.
  13. I haven't seen anything from her explicitly, but leftist twitter has brought this up a lot as evidence of poor leadership from the centrist wing of the party. I wouldn't be shocked if she felt similar.
  14. MSNBC providing an update on the air after a press conference: The Norfolk VA FBI field office was given a tip about the two men, the vehicle was located in Philly (empty) and police later found the two men, who were armed (without proper licenses to carry in PA). They'll face gun charges related to that. On searching the vehicle, they found more QAnon related items (mask, hat, etc) and an AR-15 rifle constructed from parts along with about 160 rounds for it.
  15. New Nevada numbers doubled Biden's lead. He got sixty some percent of the vote batch.
  16. Philadelphia Police Reportedly Thwart Plot To Attack Vote Counting Center
  17. Can we just stop engaging in the back and forth with these guys? They've had the process explained to them repeatedly. That they continue to ignore that and complain about it isn't going to change if it gets explained again.
  18. Alaska has the slowest ballot-counting process in America. The top election official says security is the priority, not speed.
  19. Anything to keep reality from encroaching on the bubble, I guess.
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHDs1ZJ74po
  21. Well, the specifics of how that vote works in Congress favors the GOP because every state's House delegation gets 1 vote. So the 50 some odd CA reps get 1 vote, same as the 3 from Nebraska.
  22. This is really sad for our country. I never expected better, but this is tinpot dictator stuff.
  23. This isn't going to end well, I think. Trump will never concede if he loses based on what I'm hearing right now. This will get ugly in the real world, I fear.
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