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  1. CNN chyron "Without any evidence, Trump says he's being cheated"
  2. Switched to CNN to catch more of this craziness. Trump now ranting about media polling being "election interference"
  3. MSNBC cut away quick after Trump started talking about the "illegal votes" being counted.
  4. Rick Santorum with some nonsense claim of "We're not saying the voters cheated, we're saying the election officials are cheating" --- what? How does that work?
  5. Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) ranting on CNN about poll observers being required to socially distance.
  6. Some Dave Wasserman (Cook Report) tweets from the PA press conference:
  7. Also, I've heard from a few different sources (CNN is the one off the top of my head) that, even in "red" counties or highly contested counties, the mail-in ballots are still breaking heavily for Biden (the example CNN gave was in Erie county, which was Trump overall but mail-in ballots were going ~75% Biden).
  8. Was going to say that, as a software guy, "1/1/1900" screams of "default value" to me.
  9. Would the Dems really have a shot in either? Serious question. I haven't looked at the races to see who siphoned off other votes. Didn't he already drop below 50%? Feel like I saw tweets about that a few hours ago.
  10. Maybe some of the envelopes are stuck together?
  11. I'm definitely no blockchain expert (which is a joke in itself in my industry), but the basic explanation I would give is that due to the nature of how blockchain works -- kind of like a massive, distributed Excel spreadsheet that anyone can edit but whose actual value is determined by computed consensus -- we know that "confirming"/"writing" a single bitcoin transaction currently requires X amount of kilowatt expenditure. A problem of blockchain itself is that the X value in that example will only ever increase as the blockchain (giant excel spreadsheet) gets bigger. From what I understa
  12. Obviously this is a huge divergence from the thread topic, but re: the absurdity of blockchain tech I recently saw a statistic that shocked me (but it is definitely true): a single Bitcoin transaction is equal to the power/energy consumption of an average US household over ~25 days. This is a direct result of blockchain as a technology.
  13. As a software engineer, I'll post the obligatory XKCD comic: https://xkcd.com/2030/
  14. Nothing changed in 6 hours. Race is close in PA and Biden is picking up ground. FWIW Nate Cohn (NYT) and Dave Wasserman (Cook Report) are both sticking with their "Biden will win PA, and it might be more like MI than WI" takes as of this morning.
  15. My understanding is that Biden has been doing very well for mail-in votes across the state, not just Philly. I think I just heard on CNN that Erie county (a Trump flip in 2016) is having mail-ins go for Biden at a 4 to 1 clip.
  16. CNN had one of their reporters at the AZ counting center go outside to look at the Trump crowd chanting "Stop the steal!" -- do these geniuses know that the only way Trump wins is if those votes get counted?
  17. As of a few hours ago. I'll try to dig up some tweets. Wasserman (all times Central): Nate Cohn:
  18. As of a few hours ago. I'll try to dig up some tweets.
  19. Nate Cohn (NYT) and Dave Wasserman (Cook Report) are both very confident that Biden will finish ahead in PA. Cohn thinks Biden may end up winning by 2+ points. Here's hoping they're right.
  20. We had some in this thread around page 54, I think.
  21. Regarding @Insein and his weird crusade about voting turnout, I've seen this website floating around today that has 2020 estimated voter turnouts by state, comparing estimated ballot totals to the state's total Voting Eligible Population. And indeed, we are seeing record turnout numbers everywhere. Pennsylvania at 73.1% on an estimated 7.15 million votes. My own state of Minnesota (long the leader in voter turnout rates) is estimated at 82.9%. A lot of states still have pretty crappy numbers (looking at you, Hawaii and a lot of the South), but I think it's a wonderful thing to see turnout
  22. I would be ecstatic if every eligible voter in the country was mailed a ballot directly. Everyone deserves their vote, and for it to be counted. I have no idea what you're trying to imply with the Ted Cruz thing. That mail in ballot are (by definition) fraudulent?
  23. Bit of a revolving door for the Trump campaign officials, though.
  24. If you don't consider Nancy Pelosi a "centrist"... I don't know what to say, man. Maybe widen your media consumption.
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