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  1. One would hope that if SD legalizes, that'll be enough to get the MN GOP to take their foot out of the door jam and let us do it too.
  2. Woke super early (for me) and voted before work. Smooth as always, socially distanced in an underground parking garage rather than the synagogue we usually use. I was the 39th voter about 40 minutes after the polls opened. I even flipped the ballot over and filled in the 20+ bubbles for the incumbent judges running unopposed (and the Supreme Court judge being challenged by a loony personal injury attorney). Figured I owed it to them, somehow.
  3. Biggest "mountain out of a molehill" I've seen in a very long time, Joe. I still astounds me how otherwise reasonable people seem to have such a heart attack over "socialism" -- the discussion on what younger progressives mean when they use the word has been had around here (and everywhere) many, many times over the last four years. The commies aren't coming. We're not all going to be wearing gray ill fitting clothing while driving barely functional, identical cars. We want a strong social safety net in the vein of the New Deal era Democrats, that's updated for modern societal concerns. (
  4. Agreed. Often people seem to think that because the outlet doesn't name the sources, that means they don't know who they are and aren't vetting them. Those people are mistaken. Unless we're talking about a Rupert Murdoch company, maybe.
  5. Is the rule for these copycat threads that they must have exactly one more exclamation in the title than the original?
  6. From the Protest thread: Charges: Boogaloo Bois fired on Minneapolis police precinct, shouted 'Justice for Floyd'
  7. As noted by the article, this latest Boogaloo guy who was arrested for acts in Minneapolis was in direct contact with Steven Carrillo, the Boogaloo shooter who killed several police officers in California (and who many on the right initially claimed was an "Antifa" guy before details emerged).
  8. Worth noting that he's still facing "unintentional 2nd-degree murder" and "2nd-degree manslaughter" charges.
  9. I don't think it's particularly obsessive to note when a liked member of Congress participates in an oft ignored yet popular broadcast medium to get out the vote. As far as I'm aware, it's the first time a politician has used video game streaming for get out the vote efforts. It also resulted in the third largest streaming audience ever on the platform.
  10. The youths are really into a cheap/dumb game called Among Us that's basically Mafia/Werewolf in space with weird little animated characters. AOC asked about playing on Twitter and a bunch of really big Twitch streamers (people who make loads of money by getting people to watch them play video games) responded and set up a little event that's been pretty popular.
  11. AOC and Ilhan are playing Among Us on Twitch with a bunch of Twitch streamers. AOC's stream alone peaked at around 400,000 viewers, making her the largest Twitch streamer at the time. Next highest person has about 55k.
  12. Some highlights of the DrudgeReport front page tonight: John Kelley unloads on Trump TRUMP: I MIGHT LEAVE COUNTRY IF I LOSE (Blaring red/blue siren worthy, apparently)
  13. After being given an explanation of what QAnon is, Trump is asked explicitly to disavow it and deny that it is true. He first says "I don't know anything about QAnon" (which the moderator reminds him that she just explained it, and then repeats it), then he pivots to ranting about Antifa.
  14. Not only was Biden's town hall longer than Trump's, he stuck around after the cameras were off to field questions from voters who didn't get a chance during the televised portion
  15. Here's the thing for me -- even if the supposed Hunter Biden material were real (which, given what I've read about it, seems pretty unlikely), I just don't care. It pales in comparison to the historic corruption of the current administration. I've never really liked Biden all that much anyway, but he's far less dangerous to the future of our country than Trump.
  16. Man, the Russians are really mailing it in this cycle. I guess they don't think Trump is going to win either.
  17. NYTimes with details of the death of Michael Reinoehl, the Antifa activist suspected of killing a right-wing Proud Boy member in Portland. TL;DR All but one witness interviewed indicated that no commands were given and the police encounter began and ended with a hail of gunfire from only the police, with several police rifle rounds hitting nearby houses. It also seems worth highlighting that, at the time of his death, there wasn't even a warrant for Reinoehl's arrest (though it was surely, and deservedly, coming).
  18. This ran through one of my friend circles recently, and a bunch of counter-articles were shared that I'll share here as well (I haven't read them all): Focused Protection, Herd Immunity, and Other Deadly Delusions: Abandoning solidarity for the siren song of age-targeted reopening is a political error and a medical mistake The “herd immunity strategy” isn’t part of a scientific debate about COVID-19. It’s a well-funded political campaign The ‘think-tank’ behind the Great Barrington Declaration is part-funded by right-wing American billionaire Charles Koch
  19. You can watch the clip of the play on the NFL.com page for the game (on the right hand side in their terrible highlight section). Sweat catches him after he evaded some tacklers that slowed him up a little. It was some impressive speed by Sweat, though.
  20. This was posted in the dishwasher thread, but seems relevant: ‘Unmasking’ probe commissioned by Barr concludes without charges or any public report
  21. I waited about 2 hours to vote for Obama in the Uptown area of Minneapolis in 2012, but that's been the extreme outlier. Most of my life it's been under 15 minutes.
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