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  1. I don't think there is any doubt that at 1.2 you will be getting a high-end RB prospect...worst case it is one of Harris, Etienne or Williams and not sure about that league but Lawrence in a lot SF or 2 QB leagues is too good to pass up at 1.1 so all three could be on the board...actually I think he has 1.1 as well so he is sitting real pretty.
  2. Bingo...that is exactly my fear...now if the other piece was a quality RB instead of a future pick I would like this deal far more for what the Owner is trying to accomplish (i.e. beefing up his RB unit).
  3. I hear you but I would have made the proposed deal for all of those guys except Beckham at that point of their career...which does show the potential downside but IMO Beckham is due to the head not the talent and right now I don't see that with Brown...it appears I value AJB more than everyone else...I just see insane physical traits that are rarely seen.
  4. I think his numbers take a nice leap this year...what he did last year was very impressive when you factor in he played a good portion of the year pretty banged up...IMO there was zero doubt he was hurting in a big way the last part of the year and the fact he gutted it out was a big plus for me...also, Davis and Jonnu will be gone and with their defensive holes it will be interesting to see what they add to the WR/TE units.
  5. I missed that as well...that would change things for me (i.e. if you were in a bad QB spot with your team) but that doesn't appear to be the case with this actual deal.
  6. My point is the chance of whoever is selected at either pick surpassing AJB as a Dynasty asset is very slim...could the pick turn into a CMAC? Sure, but the odds are very much in favor of that not happening...that is why when I look at this deal I feel hitting on both picks is the likely path to success...my overall point is I just don't see the need to take the risk for how I value AJB...now, if you are not that high on him than this deal makes far more sense.
  7. For me as a Brown owner it is an easy no...unless you nail both those picks you have given up one of the top assets in all of fantasy...if I am that loaded at WR I will deal one of the other guys to fix my RB position.
  8. I love Chase but why roll the dice on him if you already have AJB?
  9. That could be a scenario but if I was in that situation I might be targeting someone with a little more of a track record to limit the bust factor or trying to turn it into two RBs somehow (i.e. 1.2 and a quality RB instead of the pick)
  10. Interesting deal...as an AJ Brown owner I would pass, it's not worth the risk...just looking at this deal (i.e. not future deals based off of obtaining those picks), for this deal to make sense you need to absolutely hit on both picks (and I mean hit big time)...for the 1.2 the best case scenario is probably equal to Brown so for this deal to make sense you have to hit on that pick and have that other #1 (which you don't know where it will land) be a decent amount better than the 2.12...so, while there is an path to this deal working out if it doesn't end in a best case scenario you have trade
  11. Great deal for the new Herbert Owner...locks down his QB position with a potential top 5 QB for at least a decade without giving up too much.
  12. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/kyle-rudolph-interested-in-signing-with-patriots-following-release-from-vikings-per-report/
  13. With the Saints cap situation you have to believe they are not able to bring in a quality vet...so unless they surprise and take someone like Friermuth at the end of the first Trautman could be in a very good spot next season.
  14. *I am very comfortable with those two options...it is what they should be doing, those are your two best scenarios *If the Niners are sniffing around Bridgewater that is not to bring him in as a back-up, he makes way too much for a back-up...it would to bring him in as a bridge QB if they are drafting a rookie QB...one of the issues getting Jimmy G could be the Niners might want to get something back from the Pats (or another team) so they could add it into a package to move up. *Would be shocked if Gilmore is not dealt...the potential issue with what they would get back is because
  15. You are correct, I just edited it...funny, I was wondering about the Team G thing.
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