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  1. I got him later than expected in a rookie draft so I saw it firsthand...my guess is owners don’t trust he ability of the Giants and Daniel Jones in particular to put up enough numbers as a whole for Toney to be real effective from a fantasy standpoint...they have Golladay, Shepherd, Slayton, Engram and Barkley so there is a decent amount going on there...overall I think this is short-term thinking from a dynasty standpoint and hopefully long-term getting him later than expected will pay off in a nice way.
  2. I'd go with Fant...kid is real impressive and he could make the jump to elite TE with Rodgers.
  3. Any thoughts on Rountree...from an opportunity standpoint there could be something there...LAC have their O line issues but Kelly wasn't too impressive last year (3.2 YPC) and while Jackson has flashed he is entering year 4 and still feels like an unknown quantity...Ekeler is obviously the RB to own but it feels like they'd also like to have a complimentary RB to go with him and when looking at RBs like Rountree sometimes situation/opportunity is the key.
  4. Jones with a new deal and Dillon on the second year of his rookie deal does him no favors.
  5. Yuck on the first one...the extra 2nd is comical, Team B has a future in sales...not a fan of giving up a future 1 for Zeke just in case he is hitting the wall but if you are a RB away I get it because I am not an Evans fan...just need to make sure you have Pollard as well...I would give that up to get Gibson...don't see Reagor ever being a stud and you have a year to get back another #1, that's a real nice deal for a potential stud RB...not sure what Team E is trying to accomplish here.
  6. If you want Metcalf you are not gonna get him without stepping up...a lot of this depends on what your roster looks like but I have zero issues doing this if I wanted to add DKM as it's definitely not an overpay...I am not real high on CEH so I don't mind giving him up at all...don't know how the draft goes but if Chase-Pitts-Najee go in the first three picks than I would love this deal even more as the new DK Owner...unless CEH turns into a legit difference-maker (and he did not look like one last year) I think this is a pretty safe deal to get Metcalf...I also feel that if you needed to deal
  7. Definitely could see that...he has a ton of mileage and 3 rings so if he lost a step a retirement would not surprise me...on the flipside hopefully a year off has given his body some much needed rest and he is the same player because he is still a very important part of this team as they are currently constructed.
  8. "I’m still not sold that Cajuste is actually a real person" Top-shelf line right there...so true as well.
  9. it's like being at the old Shaeffer Stadium...love it!
  10. Best case scenario is if pre-suck Cam suddenly shows up and the Pats are winning with him and Jones can sit...I would love that but after what I saw last year I am beyond doubtful...if it is the same Cam from last year I think by week 8 it will be all Jones.
  11. There is a better chance of BB showing up to camp in a Speedo then anointing a rookie QB as a starter this early...any QB talk you hear from “sources” is BS...this kid will be better than Cam the question is merely not if but when he takes over.
  12. These type of deals were rampant in the pre-internet fantasy days...
  13. My guess is it is an owner who knows names more than actual value...guys like Landry and Williams have a lot of name value but not much value in Dynasty.
  14. I look at it the other way...it's so bad it can't be collusion.
  15. What a horrific trade...for just Jefferson it is bad but the fact the 1.2 is involved means the Fantasy police should be called to the scene of this crime...I wouldn't make this deal just for the 1.2...this truly is one of the "dumbest" deals I have ever seen.
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