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  1. ...and would have easily set the record for most concussions by one player as well.
  2. You're not a serious fantasy player unless you have owned and traded Kirk at least twice in the past three years...he has to be right up there with the most traded players while he has been in the league...the ultimate throw-in of any deal.
  3. Well deserved...the guy totally gave up for his body for this team...for those who only see stats I don't think they can fully grasp the punishment his body took with what he was asked to do...I don't care how talented some of these guys are there aren't many who could take the beating he and Welker took.
  4. He's like Tedy Bruschi...he's not gonna be a Hall-of-Famer but for a period of time he played at a Hall-of-Fame level and was a key cog in 3 Super Bowl championships...as clutch (and tough) a player that has ever played in the NFL.
  5. In all honesty I find the best way to make an educated decision is to watch them play...we're not pro scouts but sometimes you can just tell...when I saw Aiyuk play last year I was blown away and made a decision to go all in on him...I fully understand that there are some mitigating factors but I just didn't see anything from Ruggs last year that got me excited...I could turn on the Raiders week 1 and feel totally different but I was very comfortable cashing out on him while I could get some real value back.
  6. That's why I said you are gonna make some mistakes and you need to be able to live with that...this year I pulled the plug on Ruggs real quickly and got a decent but nothing special return but on the flipside I went all in on Aiyuk and while I paid top dollar I felt the price was only gonna continue to go up...regardless of how this plays out I can live with the results as watching those two play I felt strongly about each of them...sometimes you just gotta trust your gut.
  7. IMO I think you need to ID what these guys are way before three years...no doubt you will make some mistakes due to this but the earlier you move on from these guys (as well as acquiring those that show something early) the more value you will get for them and the cleaner your roster will be.
  8. This breaks it down very well (and the guy is entertaining)...he is not going this high due to his blocking ability but he'll give the effort and won't be a liability: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feQXX5kDDS8
  9. Sad news as he was a special one but this is the best thing for him, his body and head does not need to take another hit.
  10. I hope it's not because it's not a good one...it's easy to see why Lance can make someone nervous but from a physical tools view they are not in the same ballpark.
  11. Excellent point about timing...there was a time when many of these college QBs were square pegs in a round hole in the NFL but there is no doubt the college game and particularly offensive schemes have creeped into the NFL and they are figuring out how to successfully translate these QB skills to the pro game...that being said I still believe the most important thing for a young QB is playing for a high quality coach/organization, it is really tough to overcome being in a bad situation.
  12. Gotta believe if it means solving their QB issue they can carve out some space...that being said if they don't want to obtain a vet because of that or don't want to trade up than this season already has a cap on it and they will still be held hostage by the QB position going forward...and if they honestly think Cam can be the answer after watching him last year than this franchise is in danger of floating into that mediocre world as no amount of beefing up other positions will help you overcome incompetent QB play.
  13. I can't believe he is only 29...didn't he play with Kenny Anderson?
  14. The Falcons is a deal you can make now if you want but Detroit would have to be a draft-day deal as you could potentially miss out on the big 5 and you would have to also like all 5 to make that deal...I hope they rip the band-aid off and deal for #4 or get Jimmy G...if not you will be playing this exact same game next season in a year where right now the rookies don't look as deep and their doesn't seem to be many veteran options.
  15. Agreed...he is at another level at this point of his career...a physical specimen, a workout warrior, productive in college, zero character issues and also appears to have a full understanding of the game...he is as clean a prospect as you can have...gonna be real interesting to watch his career.
  16. With the talent in this draft I would definitely move down two spots and also be able to add Johnson...IMO 1.7 is still in the "stud zone" and you also add a 24 year old quality WR who I don't think many would be surprised if he took his game to another level this year.
  17. More than that is the fact that Olsen's Cam and Henry/Smith's Cam are two totally different QBs.
  18. My take is people think Jonnu is more untapped potential (i.e. has a higher upside) but since he played in the Tennessee system he has been held down...while I understand that take if Cam is the QB it won't matter for either of them.
  19. It would really hurt that philosophy of winning while the QB is on a rookie deal with Ryan's deal hanging over this...I could see Lance making some sense since he is so raw and would need a lot of seasoning before taking over but I can't see Ryan being happy becoming a place-holder...would not be surprised to see the Falcons cash in on this pick with a QB needy team.
  20. Here is his contract...if I am reading it correctly the dead cap hit for 21 and 22 is monstrous: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/atlanta-falcons/matt-ryan-3983/
  21. Thanks...you put into words what I saw...some people think the Pats could target him if they miss out on Jimmy G or the big 5 but I really don't want to see that.
  22. More detail please...I saw him play a decent amount and never felt like I was watching a future NFL QB...good athlete, can make some plays but seemed far more suited for the college game then the pro game.
  23. Some very underwhelming stats by Mills during his career: https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/davis-mills-1.html
  24. Just saw a clip of his pro day on Move The Sticks...kid is built like a fire hydrant, interesting build for a WR...definitely someone I am eying later on in the rookie draft.
  25. I don't think that's too much to give up for Waller...he's a legit difference-maker.
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