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  1. Seems like a good place to ask. I bought a nice 14 lb prime packer brisket at Sam's when they had them at a decent price. Unfortunately it was pre-covid and obviously I haven't had a chance to have enough people over to make it make sense to cook so it's been in my freezer for 13 months. Is it a lost cause or is it worth giving it a shot on my Big Green Egg? How long is too long in the freezer?
  2. Thanks for this. At least there is work being done and it's not like they just scheduled it for the 26th because that was the next time they all had a break in the schedule. I don't really know how I feel about this. I totally understand not just trusting the corporations' analysis and taking their word for it but if it's already been proven safe and the analysis they are doing is more about it's 75% effective for this group and 73% effective for that group 3 weeks is a long time to wait to start giving shots. It'd be interesting to know what percent of these type of analyses don't get approved. Also would be interesting to know how she'd answer the type of question from earlier in the thread of if waiting these 3 weeks means 10000 more deaths (totally made up number) is this review process important enough to accept that result? Thanks again for the info.
  3. Can someone make the argument that the FDA would make for this? What would be their response to Ivan's criticism? Is it really just that that's the way they've always done it? What is their justification for not scheduling the hearing till 2/26? Ivan's argument makes complete sense but I have to think that there is at least some reason they are not expediting the whole thing even if that reason is questionable at best.
  4. Yep. My Misen non-stick skillet works great on our induction top stove. Only had it a couple of months but the skillet is great so far.
  5. Made this today and it stole the show. Great recipe. Thanks!
  6. Tested yesterday and went from 237 to 255! That test sucks but it's an awesome way to see progress. Damn 20 minutes seems like a long time!
  7. Agreed. I got the bike last June and my initial FTP was 163. Thought the endurance rides were way too easy but stuck with it and started doing the PowerZone Pack challenges after I finished the Discover Your Power Zone program. My last FTP about 6 weeks ago was 237 and I'm going to test again in another 2 weeks and hope to increase it even more. Power Zone rides definitely work. I'm loving having this bike with the current situation.
  8. I agree completely and feel the exact same way about Gov DeWine in Ohio.
  9. I second the Power Zone classes. I've improved my results a huge amount in in only a couple of months. There are only two instructors that do Power Zone classes which is a little disappointing but I still really enjoy them. Give a Denis Morton Power Zone ride a shot after the first week of the Discover Your Power Zone program for a change of pace. He's pretty funny and I like his music choices better than Matt who is the other Power Zone guy.
  10. From reading the Peloton reddit group there seems to be a very good market for used bikes. Depending on how many rides and general condition of the bike I've seen people post that they've bought used ones for anywhere from $1500 all the way up to $2000. Obviously a lot of it is location dependent but it seems like there are tons of people trying to save a couple hundred dollars by buying a used bike. Supposedly the bikes don't last long when they do come up for sale. This is all second hand knowledge as I've never tried to buy or sell a used bike but it made me feel better about my purchase when I was trying to decide whether to make the jump.
  11. Agree with everything you've said. I'm hooked. Bought the bike in July. Am about to hit a 60 day streak of workouts (which is way more then I've ever worked out before) and am down 20 lbs (combined with trying to eat better.) The weird thing for me is I don't dread the workout. It seems to be by far the quickest 30, 45 or 60 minute workout I've ever done. And I hate to say it but I'm addicted to getting the blue dot ( ) every day that I do a workout.
  12. Not sure if it has been mentioned in the thread but if anyone is going to purchase a bike make sure to get a referral code from someone that already has one. You get $100.00 off of accessories which makes the shoes only $25.00. The person referring get $100.00 to use on the overpriced Peloton Boutique which is where you can buy fancy Peloton workout gear.
  13. Go here and see if they have a showroom near you. You can book a time to try it out. It's free and they provide the shoes.
  14. Awesome post, thanks. We are staying at the regular resort. We have young kids so thanks for the tips on the pool. Have reservations for Cape May Cafe specifically for the crab legs so good to know it doesn't disappoint. Thanks again!
  15. Heading to Beach Club tomorrow for 6 nights with 18 people. Any last minute suggestions or tips on the resort? I haven't been to Disney World since I was 7! Where were the $10 22 oz craft beers?
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