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  1. Hockey... has to be Ovie no? 2 Girls / 1 Cup
  2. Hey Sig! Flex PPR; pick 3 with 1RB max; Lindsay / Mixon / Breida / Beckham / Kirk / AJ Brown Thanks!
  3. Hey Sig! Flex PPR; pick 2: Mixon / Lindsay / Penny / Jeffery / Kirk / Washington thanks!
  4. Hey Sig! Standard flex; T. Cohen or B. Cooks PPR; Mixon or Lindsay PPR flex; Jeffery / J. Washington / D. Johnson-Pit ... talk me out of thinking about starting Wentz over Dak
  5. Hey Sig! Standard - Pick 2; Montgomery / Metcalf / Gallup / Preston Williams...
  6. Hey Sig! Simple enough; Wentz or Rudolph... and standard WR - would you sit one of the 3 : Beckham (vsNE-Gilmore) / Hilton (vsDen-Harris) / Cooks (vsCin!) for Metcalf (vsAtl!) Thanks!
  7. Hey Sig - Thanks again! Standard - Pick 2; JHoward, McCoy or Sutton
  8. Hi Sig! Standard; Going with LeVeon + Shady... need a flex; DFreeman or JHoward... (or both and benching one of the starters)
  9. Hey Sig! Flex PPR / slight favorite; Lindsay, DLewis, JHill, AJ Brown, Hardman or Njoku Thanks!
  10. Hey Sig! Let's win this - standard pick2; Chubb / DCook / Henry / Fournette pick3; Adams / Cooper / Baldwin / Pettis / DJMoore pick; Ebron or JCook RBs situation; Chubb... seems like a no-brainer; home favorite (-8.5 / implied; 27)... positive game script... high volume (over 20 touches in all wins)... killed the Bengals a month ago (24/84/1 + 44/1)... facing the worst rush defense in the league... in playoff hunt against eliminated team DCook... road favorite (-5.5 / implied; 24)... possible positive game script, good volume, stays involved in the offense even on pass plays, new OC featuring him... Lions rush defense holding it's own lately (got killed by Gurley though) fearing well against Cohen/DJ... in playoff hunt against eliminated team Henry... on a tear! home favorite (-10 / implied; 24)... assured positive game script (Redskins offense not pulling away for sure), slow pace pounding offense (not scoring much though), too good to be true? possible Lewis usage? (all season long vs last two weeks)... both teams in the hunt Fournette... pass Thanks!
  11. Hey Sig! Standard - Wilson or JAllen Standard; pick 2 - Fournette / Chubb / DCook / Henry / Peterson Standard; pick 3 - Adams / Cooper / DJMoore / Pettis / Baldwin Standard - Ebron or JCook ... I've over-analysed the RB situation and can't clearly decide who to leave on the bench between Fournette, Chubb and Cook; Chubb; road dog by 3 (low implied 21 pts for Cle); Broncos not allowing a rushing TD for the last 7 games (along with 70yds/game or so); high volume even with possible negative game script (touches and targets); 5 straight game with a TD Fournette; home favorite by 7 (low implied of 21 for Jax); Redskins defense running on fumes with offense doing next to nothing; Jags mailing it in even though their defense is/was stellar at home; high volume in all his games; offense not generating much with Kessler; could go berserk and get ejected Cook; home favorite by 6 (implied of 26 for Min); tough rushing defense as of late for Miami but getting walloped on the road all year long; new OC scheme; seeing regular targets (in a skewed passing offense); less volume than the other two (with Murray) ... tell me something I havn't thought of (weather in Denver? OLs/DLs? other?) to help me decide ! Thanks!
  12. Hey Sig! Standard - pick2; Fournette / Chubb / DCook / Peterson Standard - pick3; Adams / Cooper / DJMoore / Baldwin / Watkins Standard; Ebron or JCook Pick1; Washington / Kansas City - or picking up Dallas ... Ballsy move in picking up JAllen or sticking with RWilson (not dropping him obviously)
  13. Hey Sig! Standard - pick2 (Thanks Leonard!); Chubb / DCook / Peterson Standard - pick3; DAdams / Cooper / DJMoore / Watkins / Baldwin Standard; Ebron or JCook (Ebron to monitor) PPR Flex - pick1; Sutton / AMiller / Burton / Hines DEF; Seattle or Miami
  14. Hey Sig! Standard pick2; Fournette / Chubb / DCook Standard - if Baldwin goes; Baldwin or DJ Moore Thanks!
  15. Hey Sig! Standard - pick2; Fournette / Peterson / Chubb Standard - pick2; Baldwin / Cooper / Watkins (if he plays) Thanks!
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