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  1. Great stuff, thanks man. I figured the scorpion issue was overblown a bit, I just can't stand those f'n things.
  2. I'll go out there long before I buy anything and spend time in both areas, as well as some of the others mentioned in this thread, before buying anything. Thanks for the info. OTL - back in an hour or so to respond to anything posted in the interim. Appreciate all your comments/perspective.
  3. Got it. Seven Hills, from the map I'm looking at, looks like it's just a mile or two east of 15, behind and a bit north of the M resort. I stayed there on business last year and the Uber driver told me that general area is booming because of the Raiders coming - I guess players and staffers are buying houses out that way?
  4. That's what I've read. The synopsis was kind of : if you like a "real town" feel, an established community, with good areas and bad, more diversity, more roots, then Henderson is a good place to look. If you like new, shiny master-planned area that's scrubbed clean, low crime, lot of $, look in Summerlin. No idea how accurate that is.
  5. Southern Highlands is just across I-15 from Seven Hills, right?
  6. I may end up reconsidering the down payment, initial thought is that I want to have my house paid off before I retire. I could easily do a 30-year to put less down and then just pay it all off in one lump sum down the road. I'm hoping I won't need to go job hunting. I make a fairly comfortable living working in NJ, but I'm sure salaries aren't comparable in NV. Then again, cost of living isn't either. The aim is to take my job online and continue to draw a NJ paycheck with NV costs. That's that I'm hoping to pull off. Great info here, thanks for taking the time....
  7. Looking at a map, it looks like Paradise covers the south end of the Strip and the airport on the northern half. Southern half is Silverado Ranch area, which borders on the Seven Hills/MacDonald/Green Valley South area of Henderson. That southern part would definitely be in play. I don't think I want to live as close to the Strip/airport as the northern part of Paradise, but the southern part/Silverado Ranch area, sure.
  8. Super-quick version is that my wife has family members in failing health in the area. She wants to move closer to help care for them. Only real towns in acceptable proximity are Mesquite, St. George, UT, and Vegas. Of those, Vegas is the most appealing to both of us by a wide margin.
  9. I don't know much about it. Isn't that where the Strip is? I don't know that I want to live that close to the Strip, traffic/tourists everywhere, no? Also, my brief off-strip sojourns on my many, many Vegas trips have led to some seriously sketchy areas. If I'm off base here, by all means, please let me know - as I say, I haven't done all that much research yet.
  10. Long, boring story, not really important for the purposes of the post. I mean, I can share with you, but you'd tune out after 10 seconds.
  11. There's an outside chance I might be relocating to Las Vegas sometime in the next 18 months. Just trying to familiarize myself with any "need to know" info so I'm not scrambling for data at the zero hour if it comes to pass. The sum total of what I've read online so far (not very much) has led me to believe that these are truths. Please disabuse me of this notion if any of this is fallacious, and please add any observations you may have. Just FYI - if this does happen, I'll be working remotely and traveling back to the east coast on occasion, so proximity to the office/jobs and the job market in general is (hopefully) a non-issue. 1 - The two places to look for a home are Summerlin and Henderson. Everything else is "less than." Both are low crime areas about 20-30 mins from the Strip with lots of amenities in the neighborhood itself, rendering trips to the Strip unnecessary except for special occasions/friend and family visits. That sounds pretty good to me. Henderson more of an actual town and closer to the airport, while Summerlin is a master-planned community and closer to the mountains/national park. 2 - We have a house buying budget of $275-300k, just so we can buy something without taking out a big, long mortgage. I'd probably be putting about 50% down and mortgaging the rest over 10, maybe 15 years, tops. The latter would take me to age 62, and I don't really plan on working past that. I don't really want to put more than $1,500-$2,000 a month toward mortgage and escrow, just so I have a "fat pocket" for travel/indulgences. From what I understand, you can get a decent 1,200-1,500 sq. ft. home for this in a good neighborhood. We have no kids, so we don't need a huge space to maintain and schools in an area are not important. 3 - There aren't a lot of pests/insects to speak of, but you can end up with a house that's lousy with scorpions. This displeases me. I've read that for your best hope, avoid new construction and neighborhoods/homes with a lot of palm trees. Keep your yard free of debris/rock piles they can hide in. Pay a professional to seal the home and spray monthly. I'm decidedly not into cruising around every night with a blacklight to find the things glowing and crushing them. Pass. 4 - It can be difficult to make friends as much of the population is transient and since many people (most?) are in hospitality/gaming, lots of people work off hours. I'd be working 6 AM - 2 PM local time (as I need to be online 9-5 ET.) 5- It can be hard to find jobs outside of restaurants/hotels/casinos. Again, hopefully not an issue as both my wife will work remotely, but if either of us ever gets laid off, it would be good to know we wouldn't be in a job wasteland. She's in the hotel business (HR) so it should be easier for her, I'm in middle management. Might be tougher for me to find a job if need be. 6 - The weather is great outside of late May through September. I've lived in Florida and the Caribbean, so blazing hot summers are nothing unique to me. I've never had much of an issue just staying the hell inside for a few months. Had a lot more practice recently. I'll take a scorching summer over a freezing cold/snowy winter any day. What am I missing, or is any of this incorrect? Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. Frankly, you don't really need access to his diary or a backstage pass. Between what's been caught on hot mics and what he tweets, it's not all that difficult to fill in the blanks.
  13. I know a lot of cops. By and large, they know exactly who the "problem" officers are. Rarely is anything done to root them out or expel them unless/until something like this happens. Most of them are highly devoted to being cops - I won't speculate as to the reasons. Most are effective and hit whatever numbers/objectives are given to them. It's also a highly insular/unionized profession, as you mentioned. There's never been a massive impetus to dismiss these types of officers. Hopefully, now there is. That's why these protests are so important.
  14. Pretty much sums it up perfectly. I'm not afraid of the police personally either. Some people are, though. Maybe those people have had different experiences than you and I have.
  15. Absolutely not. If cars attempted to block the escort and it was even probable that it was an act of aggression or an immediate threat, I would fully expect action to be taken to clear the impediment. And they would be justified in doing so. That doesn't APPEAR to be what happened here. In this instance, those people seem to have already been there, before curfew, and demonstrating peacefully. Trump himself said he supports this. If the presidential motorcade is rolling through my town and I jump in my car and cut them off, I expect whatever comes. If I'm sitting in a restaurant eating a delicious burrito, and all of a sudden, people come through the door firing tear gas canisters because Trump wants to come in and eat a burrito himself, that's a whole different ballgame. That's not justified. These are obviously extreme examples, but to me, it seemed what happened here was closer to the latter than the former. You clearly see it differently.
  16. What have I claimed he's done, other than clearing the path to walk to the church for his photo op, through what appeared to be peaceful protestors? There's video to support that happened. I don't KNOW that it happened, but all signs point to it.
  17. I'm not worried about right and wrong. It's all a matter of perspective. Just sharing my thoughts on what I see, through my own lens.
  18. I don't know what you're referring to, but use whatever letters you like. I wasn't referring to you, or to Mr. Blutarsky, or anyone else. I wasn't even referring to posters on this board uniquely. It seems like Trump supporters will stand with him unequivocally no matter what. It's genuinely impressive.
  19. I'm not even specifically referring to anyone here. It's just a general observation. To his credit, he knows his supporters will take up for him no matter what. It's truly incredible the passionate and seemingly unconditional support he's developed.
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