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  1. if your doorbell rings, it's me

  2. That mobile game "Amoung Us" that's all the rage these days (maybe it was a year ago and this is how long it takes to permeate my old man fog). .. Thats pretty much just werewolf, right? I know very little about WW or AU but the little I know about each, it sounds like the same thing.
  3. I was recently informed of some serious business occurring in here. Is everything on the level or do we need to all have a good season?
  4. Oh. With my original comment i meant her, the guy with prosthetic legs and the chain smoking video guy would be spared. Were there other amputees im forgetting?
  5. Spent last two nights plowing through this ####show. Good grief. Outside of the two people missing limbs and the original docu-producer guy, they just need to napalm every single person in this series.
  6. age 5 Year: 1978 song: Theme from CHiPs This song played in my head nonstop when cruising around on my training-wheels bike Age 5 Year: 1978 Album: The Carpenters - The Singles: 1969–1973 Like most folks, this is a byproduct of what your parents played in the house. It between this and one other album not picked (the artist was, but not the album, so I won't spotlight). But for any single album to take my back to the age of 5, this is it. Most of these songs take me back to with coming in from the snow, feezing cold, putting on a pair of warm socks and sitting in the kitchen talking to Mom while she made hot chocolate. age 10 year: 1983 song: Duran Duran - Hungry Like the Wolf age 10 year: 1983 album Men at Work - Business as Usual spent the entire summer at the neighborhood pool. This song and this album are at the forefront of those memories. Sunburn, eyes stinging from chlorine, a chafed ### from riding my bike home in wet swim trunks....
  7. I may do that...but dont ever hold this thing up for me if I'm stalling. I took a new gig at work a couple months ago and my internetting time is almost nonexistent most days.
  8. This is a fun draft idea. Thanks for the tag earlier @Northern Voice. Maybe at the end ill throw in a bunch of supplemental pix
  9. So, 3 or 4 years ago i was at my doctors office and i had to get some bloodwork done. I finish up with my doc and he sends me over to the blood extraction dude...hes got his own room in this office. He's maybe 10 or 15 years older than me. He has a boombox / CD player in there and hes playing some R&B jam i dont recognize...it was nothing offensive and nothing amazing...just kinda there. Blood dude is making small talk with me and he says " do you like music?" I tell him i do, he asks me if i know whats playing. I tell him i dont know it. He says "this is Ray Parker Jr. Ever heard of him?" Me , being someone who grew up in America and is between the age of 37 and 55, I say what every other person in that demographic would say. "I know he did the Ghostbusters theme song...not a whole lot beyond that." Things went from zero to ####in salty as hell in that room real quick. He gives me the stank sideeye and starts mumbling about "all any people know about Ray is Ghostbusters...this is some crap and it isnt right... HE HAS A GREAT CAREER OUTPUT OF MUSIC OUTSIDE OF THAT, YOU KNOW" 😡 Me: "i no longer wish to get blood drawn today, i bid you a good afternoon"
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