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  1. Raiders.com: Here are the inactive players for today's game: RB Josh Jacobs S Roderic Teamer LB Nick Kwiatkoski G Jordan Simmons G Richie Incognito TE Nick Bowers DT Damion Square
  2. I'm holding on the bench until I see his snap count get a bit higher.
  3. Used: Offense: Panthers Defense: Patriots Week 2: Defense: Browns Offense: Seahawks
  4. I think the likelihood of Brown going completely off the rails at any moment trumps any ceiling he has.
  5. Another week or two like this and maybe Ke'Shawn Vaughn will get a chance.
  6. I think Gruden picks the first few rounds. At that point he doesn't know who any of the remaining players are, so Mayock picks the rest.
  7. You guys take requests? Down a few of these please. Chips
  8. I'm hoping Darrell Taylor gets the same treatment.
  9. Went in a few days ago to buy banana nut muffins. Spent $70.
  10. I'm shooting pool, Fats. When I miss, you can shoot.
  11. Tricking people into calling it Democrat Poison is really a genius plan conjured up by the Democrats that the right has completely fallen for. People in the Republican strongholds of the south and mid-west not getting the shot means more of them will die, strengthening the Democrat's share of the voting pie. They're playing chess.
  12. I fell asleep while they were hanging out having that long conversation.
  13. Or just give your empty cart to an old lady heading in. They really seem to appreciate the gesture.
  14. Or the fans would throw 200 chairs on top of him.
  15. I should finish the last season of Bosch tonight. I'll miss it.
  16. I voted for Trump in November, but will never again vote for anyone who shows support for him because of the things Trump did after the election. If the Democrats had an MVP award, Trump should win easily for handing them the Senate because his ego couldn't stay out of the GA runoffs.
  17. Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but it looks like St. Louis and Baltimore smoke the rest of the field.
  18. I can't wait for the first combo Sanctuary/2nd Amendment Preservation city.
  19. I consider my house to be a locked container.
  20. Go simple. Henry lever action .22 with subsonics. As quiet as an air rifle too.
  21. Got Moderna #2 Saturday morning. Laid awake under three blankets Saturday night, but felt okay Sunday except for being sleepy. Sweated about half a gallon Sunday night, but managed to maneuver to dry spots enough to sleep a few hours. Fine Monday morning.
  22. Bet he wishes he hadn't flushed the $50 million the Raiders tried to give him.
  23. I started to make a run at DE Josh Allen, but it sounds like there's a decent chance he becomes Josh Allen LB. There's chatter Jacksonville is likely to go 3-4.
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