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  1. other than the moustache/lips and eyebrows, how did we tell Mr and Mrs Potatohead apart? was there an unrated version that had 'additional pieces'??
  2. Horizontilazed Climax Blues Band Rockin the Paradise- Styx
  3. empty beer cans.. but every 2 weeks the recycling guys come and take them , so I start collecting them again...
  4. Vikings, Chiefs, Raiders, Saints, Patriots, Cowboys... it will never end
  5. My favs are: Most of the Yes and Asia albums.. Led Zep 3 and Physical Grafitti Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here Supertramp- Even In The Quietest Moments damn.. too many to list
  6. better chance of him selling cartoon balloons in town
  7. saw a woman on the Today show the other day talking about the healthcare workers-- "heros and sheros" good god
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