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  1. gotta love those 80's girls.. lots of hair in other places too...
  2. Love Bob Seger, but this song to me is overplayed, bad wedding reception music.. i picture fat bridesmaids and drunkles on the fake wood dance floor at the Holiday Inn ballroom..
  3. we watched our DVD of The Changeling this weekend.. always creepy haunted house/ mystery late 70's movie with George C Scott.. has things that go 'bump' in the night, a creepy seance, a cobweb filled secret room, and a bouncing ball scene that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up
  4. LIttle Boy Blue.. hey meeded the money . hoooooo
  5. sometimes I wonder what my purpose in life is.. :sigh:
  6. PSU wins this game big if Clifford is in- sucks that injuries derail what could have been a playoff run
  7. Too bad.. PSU wins big if Clifford wasn't hurt.. Iowa was exposed..
  8. this song scared the #### out of me in junior high.. I was hooked ever since and LOVE Sabbath
  9. i'm going on vacation next week and really need to decompress and unplug, so I will try tp ignore e-mails as much as possible..
  10. Phillies/Nats game PPD- 12 Nats players / staff tested positive.. 11 were vaccinated.. link
  11. voted neither criticism or praise.. shame that this may tarnish her legacy as the once GOAT who quit at the Olympics
  12. Supertramp- Even in the Quietest Moments on vinyl.. $3 find at local flea market.. sounds great!
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