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  1. this song scared the #### out of me in junior high.. I was hooked ever since and LOVE Sabbath
  2. i'm going on vacation next week and really need to decompress and unplug, so I will try tp ignore e-mails as much as possible..
  3. Phillies/Nats game PPD- 12 Nats players / staff tested positive.. 11 were vaccinated.. link
  4. voted neither criticism or praise.. shame that this may tarnish her legacy as the once GOAT who quit at the Olympics
  5. Supertramp- Even in the Quietest Moments on vinyl.. $3 find at local flea market.. sounds great!
  6. "Get your wet teddy bears here!"
  7. yes- you would use an RCA cable to one of the 'AUX' inputs
  8. i have the Rega Fono Mini 2D.. about $175 and works great.. a bonus (if you are into it) is it has a USB port so you can burn albums to your computer
  9. Sounds nice- I like B&W speakers... if your receiver has a separate Phono stage with its own input, then you do not need a separate phono preamp.. if it was from the mid 80s I'd guess it does- that would be the perfect old school system for a turntable
  10. local flea market finds- Bob Seger - Live Bullet $4 Kansas - Two for the Show $3 Bruce- Born To Run - $8 (excellent cond first press) Genesis Live $2 Paul Simon - Still Crazy.. $3 The thrill of the hunt!
  11. yep- depending on the unit Before I bought my turntable (I was clueless) I did a ton of research and learned alot- automatic vs manual; tone arm balancing, MM cartridge, etc etc Crutchfield is a great resource Ended up with the Rega- very simple to set up, no bells or whistles (manual tonearm, manual belt switch from 33 to 45).. love the sound - it is considered entry level audiophile turntable.. the only downside, is I cannot upgrade the cartridge (had to step up a few models for that)
  12. what kind of system do you currently have that you would add the turntable to?
  13. turntable, phono pre amp, and cable was about $800 total
  14. Bought a nice turntable during the pandemic (Rega) and have been loving the hunt in used record shop dollar bins-- found a Sargent Peppers for a buck and it plays great Currently playing The Doors LA Woman album.. have about 60 albums already and have instituted a "Friday NIght Vinyl" tradition at my house.. love the sound and the effort it takes to play vinyl- brings me back to my childhood.. plus, album covers are awesome
  15. Needle and the Spoon- from Skynyrd's live One More From the Road
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