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  1. I’m in two semifinals and have Adams in both. Ironically I faced Rodgers and Jones in both games.
  2. Solid convo here. That’s valuable and a testament of the respect this Shark Pool and FootballFolks has amongst its participants and landlords. These are important convos. 👍
  3. We will move to points if H2H doesn’t determine winner. If 2 teams are tied and one beat them twice, they are the higher seed. If they split its points. If the only played once, it’s obvious. The same goes for 3 teams, if one team swept the other two, they advance. Our league used to go straight to points but a team lost twice to another and got higher seed and we didn’t like it. So we use H2H until we can’t. 5 teams tied would probably turn to points from start.
  4. I don’t think your point is valid but you do so whatever.
  5. I will add that H2H as a tie breaker gets tricky with more than one team tied. I do understand why some don’t like it. I understand why some use total points.
  6. I disagree. Using the “all bye week one week” is the flaw. Not winning enough is the flaw.
  7. In your scenario, “tanked” a week and it’s come back to bite. Cry me a River, the only issue is the strategy decision and coincidence.
  8. Oh come on. You get my point. Your team should be built to win on bye weeks of your stars. You want it to be points then what about injuries? You have a couple of down weeks and you’re out of tie breakers even though with Chubb back you’ve fought to make the playoffs. And your competition had that one week where everyone went off.
  9. They also don’t have the luxury of backing up Kyler Murray with Matt Ryan.
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