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  1. I’ve never been worried about Pitts. The Falcons offense has been worse than I expected. That’s my concern.
  2. He got one! I benched him but still hoping he starts getting those TDs!
  3. Bench Cook for Hubbard vs Phi or Jacobs vs Chi? No ppr. Leaning just setting Hubbard and be done with it.
  4. DSmith vs KC Aiyuk vs Seattle Galladay @ NO RMoore @ Rams non-ppr Who do you like best. Ughh
  5. As a commish it’s not my problem. Thur night games are not new. out of curiosity who did you want to start or bench? There’s no TEs that matter. Boyd at WR? You can’t replace from your roster or FA pool?
  6. I’m a Kirk fan but I think Moore is the real deal. I feel in PPR it’s definitely him. In my non ppr it’s closer but Moore seems like he’s going to be involved no matter the game script. I dropped Moore for Kirk last week and dropped Kirk for Moore this week. I’m sticking with Moore now. He’s always involved.
  7. I just picked up Hasty. What happened to his ankle?
  8. Ryan has a tendency to be bad on the road.
  9. In non ppr I’m still on Kirk. Loving Moore and his future with Kyler too though.
  10. Kirk has to deal with Green and Moore for 2nd looks. Reports were not favorable prior to game. Moore was listed as WR2? Im in need of WR help with Galloday and Ayuk not ready to contribute. I picked up Agolar as he Jones/McDanials seem to be on same page.
  11. Exactly. We saw him, everyone saw him. This is either an injury smokescreen or an attitude dog house. With either he’s a wait for. I’m not overreacting based on some beat writer who’s probably obsessed with surfing and Toad the Wet Sprocket.
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