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  1. He was down 1 heading to 18...pull hooked a 9-iron approach into the hazard, then after a drop took what felt like 20 min to hit his next shot, which he duffed into the bunker in front of him.. took another 10 min to chunk a bunker shot...then hesitated to concede his opponents 2 foot putt. Maybe I’m being hard on him, as his opponent wasn’t closing...but it was brutal to watch.
  2. Big win I think for Rory...although my expectations have been too high for him for a while now. Anyone watching the Walker Cup? Not sure I’ve ever seen a level of simultaneous choke and d-bag behavior like John Pak just showed...he’ll never make it.
  3. Didn’t post last week but had a great time on Thurs and Sun at the Valspar in Tampa last week. Got lots of time up close to Phil, JT, DJ, and Bubba. Being able to watch these guys full time right next to them over multiple holes really gives an appreciation of their talent and focus. And the gap between them and guys trying to make it on tour. Little things like layups on Par 5s being in perfect position vs not...Leaving the ball in the right place on misses...Lag putts...the sound the ball makes off the club. Also reminded me how hard these golf courses are with their set up...I’ve played
  4. 2nd best player ever, behind Ruth? Two players I’m sorry I missed in ‘modern’ times were Mays and Mantle.
  5. Memorable 1-episode appearances in Seinfeld and Married With Children...gorgeous.
  6. https://twitter.com/AstroMCollins/status/1385300920456474625?s=20
  7. That's it...and the bread...and they're gigantic.
  8. We go twice/month with 2 young boys...love it. Also love Bodega, just around the corner on Florida Ave...fantastic Cubans...but there are also quite a few great places in that same small area.
  9. The first 15 min of Raiders of the Lost Ark are really incredible...I remember thinking maybe I need another bathroom trip before it picks up, then never left my seat (teenage bladder).
  10. 23 hours later and wife and I are both fine, just a sore arm and a little sluggish. I couldn’t resist myself and had a few drinks last night....
  11. Pfizer #2 in as of 5 min ago...made the mistake of looking at that needle
  12. Love the Cink and Son story...will see if he can hold on for win #2.
  13. ‘Flushed it’ and picked the wrong club. Not straight though. That’s not a mistake an experienced player at Augusta makes whether you believe that or not. You can’t ever miss short left. Having no real vets in contention showed.
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