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  1. It sounds like Woodward at LSU is all in on Fisher, who he hired at TAMU. Tough move on the surface but who knows. Kiffin gaining some support.
  2. I believe this beats Chiziks record for getting fired the quickest after a Championship.
  3. https://twitter.com/lane_kiffin/status/1449608240841601030?s=21
  4. Yea I'm trying not to get overly obsessed about it...but he absolutely loves hitting the range...50 balls, then chipping from about 20 yards out...then putting for 15 min. Once a week. Not sure yet when i want to get him actually playing holes.
  5. Bet the house on Bama next weekend in The Third Saturday in October…even if -28.
  6. Knife in the heart there…the B1G divisions are so dumb I’m not sure it matters.
  7. UGA tradition is big time, led by UGA himself…but the pink fro team needs to go.
  8. Mel Tucker seems to be legit. And the B1G is going to be fun over the next 6 weeks.
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