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  1. Two of the three early 20s young studs in a dual...where’s Wolff been?
  2. We’ll see a lot of red today.
  3. I'm glad of two things: 1) Tiger won the ZOZO two years ago to officially tie the all-time wins record, and 2) I have the '19 Masters recorded. This accident makes that win more special and i'll watch the Sunday round in full probably 4 times leading up to early April this year.
  4. No one knows the likelihood of playing Major level golf again...and the injuries haven’t even been clarified to the point that you can say his return to that level is doubtful.
  5. These greens are like dining room tables.
  6. I really don’t get it...how’s the wind potentially hazardous to the players health?
  7. Honestly. I played many a junior/school event in gusting 40-mph winds.
  8. We’ll see how the red hot Burns performs with the best player on the planet breathing down his neck.
  9. It's being reported he's keeping his buyout from Auburn...win-win-win! He struggled to develop players especially QBs, but inheriting a great QB in this conference should be a good fit to start at least.
  10. Berger is the same age as Spieth and JT...
  11. Pressure is incredible, and on these greens it’s amplified.
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